Parent Ambassador Program


Make a Wish

Do you wish your child’s school had a high quality speech and drama program on site? Let us help you make this wish come true!

Many of our relationships with our current school venues were initiated by proactive parents who saw value in our programs and wondered “why can’t this fabulous program happen at our school?” It can!

About Our Studio

Speak Up Studio is a growing studio that works with school venues across Brisbane to run high quality drama and musical theatre programs. The studio first opened in 2011 with four students, and today we have over 400 enrolled in weekly classes! Our mission is simple –

To create exciting and engaging drama programs that build confidence and encourage children to be positive about speaking up. To develop confidence, creativity and communication skills, and to foster a love of reading and literature in our students. 

You can read more about our approach here.

How You Can Help

It can be tough for us to be heard in the very busy would of primary schools, and despite many phone calls and emails our proposals often get drowned out or put at the bottom of the in tray. We understand, but we also know that we have so much to bring to school communities, by helping to nurture confident, happy kids!

We are currently recruiting parent ambassadors to help us organise a fifteen minute face to face meeting with your school principal, during which we will talk through the benefits of speech and drama, and explain our simple partnership model. Once the school is on board, your child can attend our classes for free for a entire year – easy!

Did You Know

  • Our program has been successful at small (eg Dutton Park State School 220 students) and big schools (eg. Redeemer Lutheran College 520 students) alike.
  • We are currently running our classes at sixteen venues throughout Brisbane.
  • We only need four students to run a class in our first term at a new venue.
  • We do all the administration for the program, so there is absolutely no burden on the admin staff at the school.
  • Once we have decided on an appropriate day and time, we can be up and running in as little as two weeks
  • We run the first week of classes as an intro week – students can try it out before committing to the term.
  • Classes are timed with the school bells and are different at each of our venues.
  • The best place for speech and drama is a music room or empty classroom, though we have been known to hold classes in the library, the reading pit, assorted corridors and stage spaces!

To apply, send us an email with the following information:

  • Your name and contact details;
  • The name of the school you would like us to approach;
  • The name of the principal; and
  • Why you would like Speak Up to be a part of your school community!

We will be in touch to provide you with an information pack to drop into the school office.

We look forward to working with you!