Art and Craft


What do we do in Art and Craft?

Art and craft classes and workshops include activities to develop student’s knowledge of particular styles, structured craft activities, as well as the opportunity for students to develop self-expression skills as they share their work with the class. Art involves unstructured activities during which students can explore with their imaginations. The art component of art and craft classes may include, drawing, painting, making marks, learning about art through the ages. While craft involves structured activities with a specific goal in mind – students follow instructions to create a particular object or artifact, eg fairy wings, picture frames.

What are the Benefits of Art and Craft?

Practical and Life Skills

As children create a work of art, they are beginning the process of communicating visually. They develop problem-solving skills, fine motor skills and even social skills as they work with artistic media.  The process of making their own creations and noticing other creation’s creations provides important opportunities for the appreciation of other people’s strengths and acceptance of their own abilities. A child also learns that the ability to follow directions is an integral part of the satisfaction of seeing the final result when making a craft. Practical skills children develop during art and craft classes may include:

  • Respecting others;
  • starting a dialogue
  • making connections;
  • seeing another point of view;
  • breaking away from steryotypes;
  • experimenting with materials;
  • making observiations about the world;
  • cleaning up;
  • preserving;
  • innovating; and
  • solving problems;
Imagination and Self Expression

When children participate in art and craft classes, creativity and imagination receive strong stimulation. A child with a paintbrush in their hand suddenly has the ability to create vivid paintings and express him or herself boldly with colour. Chidren may:

  • Find their voice;
  • express themselves;
  • learn from their mistakes;
  • appreciate beauty;
  • have an opinion; and
  • self-evaluate.
Art and Craft programs are available in the following formats: