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Speak Up Kids in the Newspaper!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope – it’s 30 little superheros!

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Graceville Students Get Creative

Speak Up Studio has been running the speech and drama program at Graceville State School for twelve months and is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the 2013 fete!

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The Aliens Have Landed

by Kenn Nesbitt

The aliens have landed! It’s distressing, but they’re here.
They piloted their flying saucer through our atmosphere.
They landed like a meteor engulfed in smoke and flame….

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Term 2 Highlights

Our prep – grade 2 students have gone on amazing adventures with pirates and mermaids, and have created beautiful props to use for their end of term performances. Here are some of their amazing creations!

Trial classes at the end of term 2!

Wondering what speech and drama is all about? Come and see for yourself at one of our upcoming free trial classes! Email and let us know which class you’ll be attending. See you there! Trial class dates term 2, 2013 Graceville State School – 17th June Prep – 2:  3pm – 3.30pm Grade 3- 7: 3.30pm  – 4pm Holy Family – 12th June

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Musical Theatre – Hakuna Matata

In term one we launched our brand new musical theatre program – the classes ran at a couple of schools and were a huge success! Here’s a video of our St Joseph’s girls rehearsing Hakuna Matata from the Lion King

Free trial classes/ bring a friend day

  Have you been thinking about enrolling in one of our classe, but weren’t sure about committing for an entire term? Come along for free to class and see what we’re all about. We bet you’ll love it, just like these guys. (no need to register, just come along and we’ll grab your email on the day!)    

Delayed start date for 2013

Hi mums and dads,

Just a quick update regarding a change to the start date of our programs this term.

As a result of the power outages and other weather-related disruptions, our programs will be commencing 1 week later than originally planned.

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Performance wrap up

Congratulations to all Speak Up kids who recently participated in end of year performances – you were fabulous! The opportunity to participate in a successful performance is an integral part of the Speak Up drama program.

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Speak Up Short – Lonely Boy

This term, Speak Up Studio students have been learning all about music videos! In this excercise, students recreated the famous “Lonely Boy” video by the black keys as they learned the technique of green-screening!

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