Filmmaking Classes

filmmaking workshopsWhy Filmmaking?

Our filmmaking classes are designed for young people who want to develop their skills in:

  • modern day storytelling;
  • understanding new technology;
  • teamwork;
  • communication;
  • directing, editing, organizational skills/producing, performance;
  • self confidence.
What is Device-Based Filmmaking?

Our device based Filmmaking Classes philosophy is grounded in using accessible equipment to produce high quality productions, quickly. We see our job as igniting the imagination of the next generation of creators using accessible technology like iPads, GoPros, portable green screens, drones and even augmented reality! If you are 6 or 60, we can make a filmmaker out of you.

What are the Benefits of Filmmaking?

Similar to Drama, Filmmaking is yet another medium in which young people can express themselves and explore their imagination in a safe and creative environment. What sets filmmaking apart from other art forms is the use of technologies such as cameras, microphones, lights and editing software. We find that by using these technologies, we are able to engage kids who are less interested in performing or drama, but who love using technology, and who can channel their creativity into making movies.  In our classes, this equipment is provided in easy to use, hard to damage packages for your kids to use at their disposal. Creating high quality videos has never been easier or more fun!

Filmmaking programs are available in the following formats: