Group Classes


About Speak Up Studio’s Group Classes

Speak Up Studio holds weekly group classes in speech and drama and musical theatre throughout Brisbane. Classes take place before or after school, and run for eight weeks during the school term. Our classes are held at a number of schools venues in Brisbane, as well as at our Red Hill studio.

Our Approach to Group Classes

Group classes are a fantastic way for children to develop self-confidence, communication skills and creativity. Our classes are engaging, age appropriate, and most importantly, small.


We believe that the best way to engage children and enable them to develop lifelong skills (such as confidence and communication skills) is to capture their attention with engaging content and activities. Funny poems and stories, content from popular culture, drama “games” and art and craft are regularly incorporated into our program. This ensures that children are always having fun as they learn.

Age Appropriate

We recognise that there are enormous differences between children in different grades, and we always split classes into age appropriate groups. Speak Up Studio has developed our Primary Speech and Drama Syllabus, which ensures that a student can start group classes in kindy, and continue through to grade six without ever repeating a unit of our group classes program.


We prefer to work with groups with an optimum class size of ten students or less. Each group is discussed in our planning meetings, and decisions are made on a class by class basis – we will sometimes split classes into two groups if we feel it is necessary to ensure each student receives the attention they deserve.

 Our Venues

Would you like Speak Up to hold classes at your child’s school? We can! Become a parent ambassador to help us get started.

Our Group Programs

Our primary drama syllabus ensures that a student can start with us when they are three years old, and not repeat a unit until they finish primary school! After that, we have a range of programs available to suit high school students, including studying to become speech and drama teacher’s themselves! Our programs are named according to subject, and level. The prefix, “Chatter” signifies speech and drama content, while “Disco” means musical theatre content.

  • Bugs (kindy age programs)
  • Bees (prep, grade one and grade two programs)
  • Boxes (grade three to grade six programs)
  • Advanced (advanced programs for high school students)