Our Approach In Rhyme


In Rhyme

Hello, good morning, how do you do?
How nice to meet you, how are you?
My name is Miss Cathy Clur, hello!
And welcome to Speak Up Studio!

Here at Speak Up our number one goal,
Is to work with kids, and play a lasting role.
By building in students a solid foundation
In confidence, creativity and communication.

For outside school hours fun for your child
Take a look at the range of classes we’ve compiled.
Speech and Drama classes are suited for all;
They’re engaging, age appropriate and most importantly, small.

In group classes, our rule number one,
Is inspiring our students and making things fun.
We teach reading out loud and performing on stage.
And our classes are split into groups based on age

Here at Speak Up, we’re inspired by stories
Of lions and witches and kings and their glories
Our teachers bring poems and tales on board
Sharing great books with kids is our biggest reward

In life, it’s important to work as a team
To have confidence and a good self-esteem
Speak Up classes are the perfect situation
To develop skills in group-work and improvisation

Our private lessons something quite special
They’re for kids to take drama to the very next level
In a one on one lesson, if they want to, they can
be in an eisteddfod, or take an exam

and lastly, at speak up, our secret ingredient
Is to make coming to classes very convenient
Why, there isn’t a doubt, yes it is pretty cool
that high quality classes are held right at your school

So as you can see, we take pride in our service,
Teaching kids skills so they’ll never be nervous.
For confidence, creativity and communication
Speak-Up is your one stop destination.