Kindy-age Classes


What are Kindy Classes?

Our Kindy speech and drama classes (also known as Chatterbugs) provide students with a space to show off their identity, and develop new skills, in a light-hearted and creative way. During weekly classes, children develop communication skills, vocal technique, confidence, coordinated movement, and fine-motor skills through activities in drama, craft, singing, and dance.

Throughout the term, Chatterbugs develop skills in confidence, communication, and creativity, independent learning skills. Our classes incorporate imaginative improvisation activities, storytelling games, and silly speaking activities to – all skills that that will help them succeed when they get to prep.

What do we do in Kindy Classes?

In our Chatterbugs classes, children will be able to express themselves, and explore different ways of moving, creating and imagining. We strive to create an atmosphere where younger students to feel comfortable and safe, so they can challenge themselves without feeling embarrassed or afraid of making a mistake. Some of the activities focused on in these lessons include:

  • Sensory games, textures and colours, mime and movement;
  • dancing, balancing, creative movement, and body awareness;
  • understanding, opposites, practising different ways of thinking and learning;
  • colouful painting, art skills, and creativity;
  • reading readiness and story telling;
  • memory games and patterns;
  • following the leader and group work; and ear
  • ear training, listening skills, and counting.

What are the benefits of Kindy-age Programs?

Our Chatterbugs program is specifically designed to assist children moving from early childhood education to school-based learning. The classes are designed with age-appropriate social, emotional, physical and intellectual development phases in mind. The lessons aim to develop the students skills in thinking and learning independently, whilst maintaining development in reading, talking and communicating. The classes also focus on the student’s physical development process and fine-motor skill activities, movement and voice to ensure they have a good start to schooling, and positive social experiences.

Early Development programs are available in the following formats: