Musical Theatre Classes

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What is Musical Theatre?

Musical theatre classes are specifically designed to engage students in a range of activities to build and extend skills in acting, dancing, and singing. Made up of a range of vocal and dance techniques, the Discobees and Discoboxes programs provide students with a platform to work towards performance opportunities and develop a range of music theatre abilities in a supportive and  friendly learning environment.

What do we do in Musical Theatre?

Musical Theatre classes and workshops are developed around the three major components of musical theatre; dancing, singing, and acting. In these programs students will learn a range vocal activities and technique, movement and dance exercises, as well as a musical number for students to practice and perform.


The vocal activities within the program assists students with the singing component of musical theatre:

    • Posture and breathing;
    • Line and diction;
    • Volume and projection;
    • Vocal tone and vocal variety;
    • Articulation in singing;
    • Chorus singing;
    • Singing techniques.

Dance technique in these programs ensure students are able to develop character and story through choreography:

    • Stretch and posture;
    • Focus and concentration;
    • Technique through movement;
    • Characterisation through movement;
    • Understanding of choreography;
    • Partner and group work.

The acting component of musical theatre allows student to bring both the vocal and dance technique together with characterisation to create polished performance piece:

    • Mime and movement;
    • Gesture and body language;
    • Characterisation and acting;
    • Storytelling;
    • Performance building.

What are the Benefits of Musical Theatre?

Musical Theatre classes are designed to introduce students to the elements of musical theatre. These programs provide a safe environment for students to challenge themselves in the areas of singing, dancing, and acting without feeling embarrassed or worried. Students are regularly given the opportunity to perform on stage at school assemblies, local fetes and at eisteddfods and at our Annual Concert.

Musical Theatre programs (Discobees and Discoboxes) are available in the following formats: