Show and tell Ideas

Show and Tell Part Two – Tips for Show and Tell

In Part one of Show and Tell, we talked about the benefits of show and tell for children at school, and there are so many.  Now for the really useful part – how to help your child prepare a great Show and Tell! Show and Tell Topic Ideas The most important part of Show and Tell is deciding on a topic. Help your child

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Benefits of show and tell

Show and Tell Part One – The Benefits of Show and Tell

Show and tell, or show and share, is usually the first opportunity young children have to stand up in front of a small group and speak. Whether this opportunity starts when they are in kindergarten or once they start primary school, it is a wonderful introduction to public speaking as they are often given the option of speaking about a topic they know well

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Benefits of speech and drama

Why Drama Works

Here at Speak Up, our number one goal  Is to work with kids and play a lasting role By building in students a solid foundation In confidence, creativity and communication. It’s sometimes hard to summarise the magic of drama, and why it works so well to help kids build confidence. We know drama works. But why? Lucy has been a Speak Up kid for nearly four

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Holiday workshops boys will love

Holiday Workshops Boys Will Love

There are a lot of activities on offer that promise to keep energetic boys busy over the school holidays. At Speak Up Studio we ensure there is something for everyone and create our workshops around popular content that our students attending weekly classes are currently raving about! Here are just a few of our workshops that will excite the boys in particular! For a

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We are reading ALOUD for Loud Shirt Day

For the second year running, Speak Up Studio is holding a Read-a-LOUD-athon in support of Hear and Say‘s LOUD Shirt Day held on 19 October 2018. Our aim is to raise additional money to help deaf and hearing impaired children learn to listen and speak. Hear and Say is a not-for-profit organisation with five centres around Queensland. Its aim is to enable children to attend

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How Dressing up Fosters Imagination and Characterisation

  The fun and excitement of dressing up normally starts at a young age. A tiara transforms you into a princess, a tutu turns you into a ballerina, dad’s straw hat changes you into a farmer! Role play, make-believe and dress-ups allow children to develop imagination and build confidence through exploration of these new characters, but what happens as we get older? Those glasses we wear

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5 of the Best Book Week Costume Ideas

Book week is a great time of year for children and parents to get creative together and celebrate their favourite characters with fun costumes. This year in Australia, Book Week is being held 18-24th August 2018 and most primary schools will hold a Book Week parade. There are a few things most parents will think about when helping their children decide on which character

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What books do Speech and Drama teachers love?

Our Speech and Drama teachers are all bookworms and naturally draw their inspiration for lessons from children’s books they love with wonderful characters, magical storylines and positive messages. We asked the staff at Speak Up, what books do Speech and Drama teachers love? Miss Jessie – Grasshopper on the Road by Arnold Lobel “My favourite book is Grasshopper on the Road by Arnold Lobel. A

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Valuable Life Lessons from Roald Dahl!

With his stories of mischievous children, evil witches, wondrous adventures, and fantastic creates, Roald Dahl takes us all to a world of magic and amazement! Not only was Roald Dahl a short story writer, novelist, and one of Speak Up Studio’s most beloved authors, he was also a fighter pilot! What a guy! Dahl served in the British airforce during World War II before trying his hand

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Reading Makes You Smart

Reading Makes You Smart!

  We are talking about reading and literature this month at Speak Up! Our Born to Perform students performed George’s Marvellous Medicine last week, we have a Roald Dahl Open Day coming up, and we are planning some fun in-school activities for book week 2018. When thinking about books and reading, this wonderful poem from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came to mind: So please, oh please, we beg,

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