Bullying. No Way!

Friday the 20th March 2015 marked the fifth National day against Bullying and Violence. This day, each year, The National Day Against Bullying provides students and teachers a focus to say no to bullying in their schools and wider community, and work together to make sure that this message is carried through the entire year. 

A big part of tackling bullying in schools is building confidence and appropriate communication skills with students. One of Speak Up Studio’s main focus with our students, and classes is to build confidence and self esteem.

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What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is tiny garden enclosed within a sealed glass container. Terrariums are lots of fun to make, and are also a great way to teach kids about the water cycle, as they demonstrate evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Because the water in a terrarium is trapped inside the container, terrariums can live for years without ever being watered!           Terrarium’s

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Creative Kids!

Performing arts are a great way for student’s to grow and develop in terms of confidence and creativity. Performance skills have been shown to assist in developing children’s learning needs, and boost a child’s imagination and creative abilities.

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The Power of Silly

by Cathy Clur The most common concern I hear from new Speak Up Studio parents is, “My child is full of confidence at home, but as soon as she is in front of people she doesn’t know, she becomes quiet and shy.” Parents hope that by participating in drama their child will learn to “let go”. I agree that drama is very good at

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Easter Craft Holiday Fun!

Try out some of these crafty ideas over the holidays to keep kids busy before Easter! Easter Bunny Ears What you need: pink cardboard cardboard box pink and white pom poms Crafter’s Choice craft glue scissors Activity: Cut an 8cm x 65cm strip from the cardboard. Cut two rabbit ear-shaped pieces from both the cardboard and the cardboard box. Glue the pink cardboard ears cut

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Write your own Limerick!

Need some fun over the holidays? Try writing your own Limerick at home using our limerick worksheet… Download your copy here write your own limerick

Holiday Boredom Busters!

Here are some great tips for keeping kids busy these holidays!   Get Creative! Get Creative and write a story! But not just any old story, maybe write a story about you, or rewrite a classic with a new end. And don’t stop there! Create and draw the characters for your story. Maybe draw a storyboard, and make some costumes for character! Then when

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Tongue Twisters Worksheet

Here are some fabulous tongue twisters for kids to work on over the holidays. Tongue twisters help students focus on vocal ability and speech, plus they are super fun! Download your copy here Tongue Twisters

Ten Tips for Public Speaking

Have you ever had trouble getting up in front of a group of people to talk? Do you find public speaking a little scary? Well here are 10 handy tips for Public Speaking to keep cool, calm and collected on stage!

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Ten Tips for Show and Tell!

Pick something interesting. Make sure it is something that people will want to know more about and are able to hold or look at closely.
Make sure YOU are interested in the thing you’re going to be talking about. If you know lots about it, you will be able to tell your class all the things you know.

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