Important Dates

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Speak Up programs run for eight weeks each term, commencing in week two.

No classes are held on pupil free days or public holidays. Where a week is missed, classes will run for an extra week to make up.

  • Term 1 Class Dates : January 29th –  March 24th
  • Term 2 Class Dates: April 21st –  June 22nd (bonus 9th week to celebrate the Imagination Festival)
  • Term 4 Class Dates: October 13th – December 7th
    • Pupil Free Day (class still running): Monday 22nd October
    • Dress Rehearsal: Saturday 24th November
    • Annual Concert: Saturday 1st December
    • Christmas Workshop Week: 17th – 21st December
    • January Born to Perform Production: 14th – 18th January, 2019
    • January School Holiday Workshop Week: 21st – 25th January, 2019
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