Speak Up Studio Reviews

I love the philosophy and approach at Speak Up and see it as an opportunity for my son to develop his attention, confidence and overcome his issues with anxiety. I’m happy for him to follow the program and trust he is in good hands.

Mum - 2018

I love drama because you get to try different things like performing in concerts and meeting new people. Since joining Speak Up, I am more confident in speaking in large groups. But more importantly you get to be you!

Student - 2018

I love drama because it lets me experience new opportunities with friends and in life. Drama also makes me be more confident in my self, and helps me make new friendship groups in different age groups. And most importantly drama lets me be myself no matter what!

Student - 2018

I love drama because it has encouraged me to come out of my shell and to be more confident in who I am. I was very shy before I found this company, and would only talk to people I knew well. Drama has not only helped me when performing on stage, but in the real world as well. I will now go up and introduce myself to someone in my grade without hoping the ground would “swallow me up whole”.

Student - 2018

Just wanted to tell you that my son, who normally has one story for the day if that, talked all the way home about his drama lesson. He has a friend over from school too, but all he talked about was how much fun his morning was. He read the poem and talked about how he has to do a poem about dolphins next week etc etc. He said ‘Miss Jessie handles everyone really well’!  And he came straight home and put his shirt on and is proudly showing the neighbours. So Thank you. We look forward to him coming home like this every Friday!!

Maria - Mum, 2018

We knew we’d made the right choice getting our daughter involved in SpeakUp classes when her teacher commented that she’d changed from a person who never spoke in class to one who would now put up her hand to answer questions. Our anxious child has blossomed under their guidance.

Corinna - Mum, 2018

Our family loves being a part of the Speak Up Studio community. The confidence speech and drama classes unleashes in our daughter is wonderful to see. She returns from her classes in the happiest of moods and loves the holiday workshops and performance opportunities.
Thank you Speak Up Team!

Catherine - Mum, 2018

Speak Up Studio’s staff are so friendly and welcoming and their sessions are such fun! My 6 and 8 year old children attend classes during the week and always love coming to their holiday workshops. The choice of holiday workshops are great and they have something for everyone. I couldn’t rate this place more highly!

Susie - Mum, 2018

Thank you! My son had a lovely time this past week. All your staff are caring and inclusive which is reassuring as a parent.  My son has anxiety, joining group activities is always a challenge. Your staff didn’t judge him, they welcomed him with acceptance into an inclusive environment. He is looking forward to future sessions.

Sarah - Mum, 2017

It was lovely to meet you today. Thank you for your skills and enthusiasm that you shared with the students. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Janelle - Teacher Librarian, 2017