Speak Up Studio Reviews

My daughter has really enjoyed the past four years of Speak Up and it has really helped with her confidence.

Caroline - 2019

Thank you very much for a great year! My kids loved the classes and the concert was just fantastic!

Tanya - 2019

My daughter loved every session ! Highly recommended.

Lawri - 2019

My daughter has loved her time at Speak Up and has grown tremendously in confidence – particularly in public speaking. Thank you Speak Up.

Penelope - 2019

Every single teacher was awesome , thank you so much.

Haiqing - 2019

We absolutely LOVE the concert photos. Simply brilliant photography and kids. Thank you for a fabulous year of drama. Your classes are an integral part of Saxon’s week and his life wouldn’t be as fun without your wonderful teaching and creative abilities. Looking forward to Speak Up 2020!

Speak Up Parent - 2019

It’s so exciting watching her practice her lines and expressions! Thanks for all you have done this year with the class. My daughter just loves it and is really benefiting from the classes.

Kimberly - 2019

I just wanted to thank you for creating a wonderful concert. [My son] had a great time. At the beginning of this year, I did not think he would ever get on the stage, and definitely not dressed up. But he did it and had a great time. His confidence has really grown over the past 12 months, he has gone from the boy that hated to dress up, to spending hours in our dress-up box, exploring all the potential different characters he can be! I loved that you had the teachers as part of the concert. [He] loved seeing Hannah, Caitlin and Miss Cathy on the stage. We look forward to seeing how the studio continues to grow next year.

Speak Up Parent - 2019

Thanks so much for your support of Eden over the past few years. It has been wonderful for her to have the opportunity to perform, which she loves.

Speak Up Parent - 2019

William has had a fantastic time, and his teachers have said there is a marked improvement in his speaking since starting Speak Up.

Speak Up Parent - 2019