Speak Up Studio Reviews

I just wanted to let you know I was thrilled with Sophia’s performance last night. She’s not the overt class clown but she has a quirky sense of humour and it fitted perfectly with the role she was given. Also loved her posh witch character and while she didn’t have a speaking part, her actions and composure were spot on. Of course, I’m her mum so a touch biased, but I think she has come so far since the last AMEB exam. She’s absolutely loved the production and wants to be involved in future ones. And it places her in a good position transitioning to high school! Thanks so much Cathy and Maddie.

Marg Knight - Mum 2017

I was astonished to see that Sheeta was so confident and so enjoyed the performance in the assembly and parents watching lesson. I know that was because of you. You are a wonderful teacher with great passion, giving opportunities to every child to practice and perform. Sheeta often practices what she learned from your class at home. She loves Speak Up and she gets much more than the jingles in the book. Thank you so much.

Shujuan - Mum, 2017

I just wanted to extend a big congratulations and thank you to you especially but also all the team at Speak Up.
We thought the performances [at the showcase tonight] were just brilliant. Not only in their delivery but also the choices made for the kids to make it fun, funny and motivating.
The children’s enthusiasm and aplomb was very evident on the night!!!
Well done to you all in opening their hearts and minds to the world of theatre and drama.

Bianca - Mum, 2017

Can’t thank you all (especially Miss Lauren) enough for the absolute joy you bring to Lucy’s life.  She can’t wait to start another term.

Libby - Mum, 2017

We are very lucky to be a member of the Speak Up family – definitely my little Miss  Shy is improving :) I would be very happy to introduce more friends to join our speak up family in the near future. You all doing a very good professional teaching and the studio is in good management. Thanks for the hard work.

Haiqing  - Mum, 2017

Thank you for the care and thought put into the beautiful Dr. Seuss poems and book marks. Our girls were so inspired and we recognise the amazing poetry alongside drama talent in your team!! With much appreciation!

Sarah, Aimee and Ali - Speak Up Family, 2017

Thanks again Miss Maddie for your work with our boys. We enjoyed parent watching week this morning! Chester is inclined to be introverted (like me!) and he wasn’t overly fussed on attending Speak Up originally. But I watched him jumping out of skin to be the “excuser” in you game in front of everyone this morning and it occurred to me that he’s a different kid to a year ago, much more confident. He told his mum and I this week he wanted to be an actor. That’s a massive turnaround! Thanks for your efforts with both boys. And more Monty Python please!

Christian - Dad, 2017

Congratulations to you and the Speak Up team on another fabulous concert.  It was great to see all of the children be encouraged to focus on their abilities and perform. We received Zoe’s report card last week and it is very pleasing to see that her passion and commitment to Speech and Drama is flowing through to her school work! Zoe will be returning for lessons again in 2017.  We are also keen to hear more about the new classes & timetable you will be offering. Attached is a little collage of Zoe from the last three concerts   As you can tell from the photo she is incredibly proud of her trophy and book!

Catherine - Mum, 2016

Thank you so much Maddie! Wishing you all the best and so much fun for the concert, thank you for making this a wonderful time for our kids.

Belinda - Mum, 2016

Thanks Cathy! The performance on assembly this week was fabulous as always.

Sharni - Principal, 2016