Boredom Busters!

Try these great ideas for keeping the kids busy this holiday!

Finger Puppet Gloves
Get an old pair of gloves or a buy a cheap pair, then make each finger come alive! Use sequins, googly eyes, bits of old fabric, wool and a few dabs of glue to create five crazy characters. If your little ones want to mix and match, cut each of the finger puppets at the base of the glove and let their imaginations run wild.

Three, Two, One … ACTION!
Whether they prefer being the bossy director or the celebrity star, every child can find their role in making a film. Use the camera on your phone or tablet to shoot your very own thriller, action adventure, Western or comedy! Apps like iMovie have some great features for adding credits, music and affects too. Download our Storyboard template to help you plan your film.

Tell me a Story
Building a story together with your children can be really good fun. Take it in turns to add a word to a story, letting each person take the story where ever they want to. And the sillier the better … take your dog to the moon, jump across the stars and fly in a tea pot made of jam this September break!


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