Information For Current Speak Up Families

Creative Holiday Care

Imaginative Learning In Small Groups


We know the delayed start to the school year is going to be tricky for many of our students and families.  In light of this, we will be providing an arts-based holiday care program during the two week delay.   We recognise that at this time many of our students will be needing an opportunity for social connection and engagement, fun and relaxed educational activities and creative expression in an environment with strong COVID-safe protocols in place.


Program will be held at Red Hill, Spring Hill  (week 2 only) & Sherwood for students in prep to grade 8.


Program dates are Monday 24th to Friday 28th January & Monday 31st to Friday 4th February


The cost is $440 per week (discount provided for Australia Day holiday)


I am so grateful for this service. Thank you for always finding ways to support kids through covid, and keep them busy and creative. I am sure my kids will have a wonderful time


– Amy, Mum

Vacation care, Speak Up style.


By this time in the holidays, your kids are probably sick of vacation care and desperate to get back to school. Due to the delay in our return to classes, we are lucky enough to have plenty of brilliant teachers available to provide quality care and tailored learning for creative kids. This program is different from Speak Up’s usual workshops, with a slower pace, fewer kids and more time to chill out. Our main priority is to be COVID safe while providing energising drama and art activities. These workshops will focus on confidence and skill building that will prepare students for the year ahead, when it finally begins.

Covid Safe

Our number one priority is of course ensuring our community is protected from COVID. We have a comprehensive covid safe plan in place and are operating with extreme caution. We are lucky to have lots of teachers and learning spaces which enables us to keep the groups small. While social distancing of children is not always possible, activities have been designed to minimise contact between participants.

Children and staff to wear masks

Only 12 children in a group (same 12 kids all week)

Staff are fully vaccinated

Contactless drop off and pick up

All children are from vaccinated households

Drama Activities

Each day we will hold a two hour drama workshop designed to build skills that will help students. As always, Speak Up’s learning style is silly and relaxed. Learn about persuasive speaking by selling a ridiculous product. Learn about acting with some incredibly funny Monty Python scenes. This part of the day is sure to help kids build confidence and communication skills.

Improvisation & confidence

Speaking & presentation skills

Musical theatre workshop

Persuasive speaking workshop

Creating characters & scenes

Art and Craft

Each afternoon, kids will participate in a two hour art and craft workshop. Our focus at Speak Up is self expression and team work and our art and craft activities range from solo projects like painting and clay, to fabulous group projects like building a pillow fort. This part of the day is designed to engage the senses and get creativity flowing!

Paint a self portrait

Make clay creatures

Paint a mural at the studio

Build a Rube Golberg machine

Build a pillow fort

What we do each day


Quiet play


Group games


Drama workshop


Art workshop


Movie afternoon

Thank you for teaching me this year, even through COVID and the many interruptions you managed to keep drama fun.


– Owynn, Speak Up Student

Frequently Asked Questions


If you’d like to chat with us, please give the studio a call on 07 3367 8562.
How much does Creative Holiday Care cost?

$385 – Monday 24th January to Friday 28th January  (no care provided on Australia Day) Wednesday 26th January

$440 – Monday 31st January – Friday 4th February

Can I just come for one day?

No, this is a week-long program.  In order to minimise risk of exposure to COVID 19, we want to ensure students are with the same, small group of children for the entirety of the week.

Where is the program held?
  • Red Hill Studio
  • Sherwood Studio
  • Spring Hill Studio (week 2 only)

Children from the same household should attend the same workshop regardless of age, we recommend the older child joins in with the younger group.

What are the drop off and pick up times?

Drop off between 8am and 9am. Pick up between 4pm and 5pm.

What can I do to keep COVID safe throughout the week?

We will be doing everything possible to keep your child COVID safe throughout the week, it is important however that both you and your family continue to uphold COVID safe practices at home to avoid passing the virus along to your child. Whilst sending your child to creative holiday care, we strongly encourage you to:

  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Avoid attending Australia Day celebrations
  • Avoid attending non-essential business premises
  • Wear a mask in public at all times
  • Do not send your child if they are unwell, if you or someone in your household is unwell or if you are deemed a close contact
What will you be doing to keep my child COVID safe throughout the week?
  • Contactless drop off and pick up, please stay in your car and wait for a teacher to collect your child
  • Classes capped at 12 students
  • All teachers and students will be wearing masks
  • Regular handwashing and other stringent hygiene practices in place
  • Our activities are designed with limited contact between students and teachers
  • All staff and parents of students are required to be fully vaccinated
What happens if someone tests positive during the week?

As all Speak Up staff are vaccinated and all staff and students will be wearing masks throughout the week, we are reducing the risk of transmission as much as possible.  However, in the event we experience a positive COVID 19 case please see our policies below:

  • Student tests positive – that student and their family will be required to isolate for 7 days
  • Teacher tests positive – another Speak Up teacher will step in for the remainder of the holiday care program
  • Household contact tests positive – if during the week you have a household contact test positive, your child will be required to isolate for 7 days
Do we need to be vaccinated?

Parents –  we are only accepting enrolments of children from fully vaccinated households

Children – if your child is under the age of 16 and unvaccinated they may attend.

What do we bring and wear?

Please send your child along with a hat, water bottle and comfortable clothes.

You should also pack morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the day.  In order to remain COVID safe we are unable to provide food to your child and sharing of food between students will not be permitted.

My child has attended Speak Up workshops before, how is this different?

Speak Up workshops provide your child with performance focused drama opportunities.  Our holiday care program is designed for children to play and learn at a slower pace, with a particular focus on creative expression and fun, relaxed arts education.