Imagination Festival

Speak Up Studio’s wonderful marvellous super sensational utterly fabulous Imagination Festival is held at the end of term one, and is just one of the incredible performing opportunities available to Speak Up students. The Imagination Festival is the Speak Up version of an Eisteddfod, without any of the competitive elements that can sometimes make eisteddfods a little bit of a yucky experience for some students. Instead of first place, second place, third place, Speak Up students receive awards based on the Speak Up values of confidence, communication and creativity. Each class group also receive feedback on what they did well, and a few tips on what to work on throughout the year.

Speak Up students learn to connect their imagination with their voice, and to express themselves clearly, confidently and creatively. At the Imagination Festival, our students demonstrate their skills in characterisation and vocal expression, as they present poems, plays and stories. The festival takes place in the same venue as the Speak Up Annual Concert (Marist College, Ashgrove) to allow students to form positive associations with the space, before the big end of year concert.

Participation in the Imagination Festival performance is encouraged and expected for the following reasons:

  • Speak Up’s educational programs combine the joy of regular classes with the magic of performing on stage. We don’t believe you should do one (classes) without the other (performances)
  • It’s a bit like training for a sport but never playing any games!
  • The Imagination Festival plays an important role within our curriculum – it allows students to put their skills to the test in front of an audience
  • The cost of the concert is built into our monthly membership fees (there’s no more for you to pay!)

When is the Imagination Festival?

The Imagination Festival will be held on Sunday the 29th March, 2020.

Where is the Imagination Festival?

The Imagination Festival is held at the Draney Theatre at Marist College in Ashgrove. Entry to the theatre Theatre is via the little bridge off Glenlyon Drive. 

What time will my child be performing?

The Imagination Festival is divided into four 90 minute sessions, based on school groups. Red Hill classes are split across four sessions. We’ll let you know which group your child is in soon! We suggest you arrive 15 minutes early to sign in, and stay til the end to receive feedback.

How do I sign my child up to take part?

Your child must be enrolled in a weekly Speak Up program to attend the Imagination Festival. There is no need to register, sign up or RSVP. If your child is unable to come along due to a conflicting activity we would appreciate if you could let us know as soon as possible.

How much does it cost for my child to take part?

Participation in the Imagination Festival is included in your child’s Speak Up membership. There are no additional fees to take part. 

Do we need to buy tickets?

No, you do not need to buy a ticket to the Imagination Festival.


What should my child wear on the day?

Your child should wear their Speak Up uniform with black pants or leggings.

What will my child learn in term one classes?

Your child will work though a series of  lessons to help them develop skills in speech, drama and extend their confidence, communication skills and creativity. Throughout the term, we will also rehearsing a choral speaking piece to perform at the Imagination Festival.

What will my child receive on the day?

Each student who participates in the Imagination Festival will receive a button badge to add to their collection. Each class will receive feedback, and an award based on one of the Speak Up values of confidence, communication or creativity.

What are the sign in and supervision procedures?

There is no backstage area at the Imagination Festival. Performers, parents and teachers sit in the audience together, and students are invited on stage when it’s time for them to perform. Parents are required to stay and supervise their children while they are in the theatre.

Does my child need to memorise something?

Yes please! Your child’s teacher will be in touch to let you know what they will be performing. We ensure children are given plenty of time and opportunity to learn lines in class, and teachers will be standing by to prompt on the day! 


2020 Group Times

Group 1 (9am – 10.15am)

  • Red Hill Monday
  • Red Hill Tuesday
  • St Joseph’s  Bardon
  • Kelvin Grove
  • Our Lady of Dolours

Group 2 (10.30am – 11.45am)

  • Red Hill Wednesday
  • Indooroopilly
  • Stafford Heights
  • Graceville
  • Queen of Apostles

Group 3 (12pm – 1.15pm)

  • Red Hill Thursday
  • Seven Hills
  • Moorooka
  • St Jospeph’s Corinda
  • Newmarket


Group 4 (1.30pm – 2.45pm)

  • Redeemer
  • Sherwood
  • Kenmore South
  • Everton Park
  • Brisbane Central
  • Miss Olivia’s Red Hill Saturday Philosophers

Group 5 (3pm – 4.15pm)

  • Enoggera
  • Wooloowin
  • Stafford
  • Red Hill Saturday (Excluding Miss Olivia’s Philosophers)


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