Rube Goldberg Machines!

A Rube Goldberg machine is an invention that is deliberately overdone to perform a very simple task, in a very complicated fashion. It is a great way for young scientists to learn all about chain reactions.








For example… (take a deep breath, and repeat): A pen bumps into a building block, which rolls a golf ball down a ramp, and pushes a paddle pop stick across some cardboard, which sends a marble down to a tube, where it knocks over a row of dominos… all heading for another pen attached to a string, which pulls a match box car to flick a switch, and turn off the lights!

Goldberg Rube. machine. olive. .rube_olive







Phew! Did you follow that complicated series of events? Why would someone want to invent such a machine? Well, for fun of course! Check out these amazing videos of Rube Goldberg machines here and here.

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