Annual Concert

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Speak Up Studio’s Annual Concert is held at the end of each year and all students are encouraged to participate. The concert is a wonderful way for students to gain performance experience, and for families and friends to celebrate their development. The opportunity to perform is an important part of Speak Up programs, as it gives students the chance to showcase what they have been working on during their classes.

All rehearsals will take place during normal class time, and students will only be required to attend one extra rehearsal – the Dress Rehearsal – one week before the show.

Participation in the concert is encouraged and expected for the following reasons:

  • Speak Up’s educational programs combine the joy of regular classes with the magic of performing on stage. We don’t believe you should do one (classes) without the other (performances)
  • It’s a bit like training for a sport but never playing any games!
  • The concert plays an important role within our curriculum – it allows students to put their skills to the test in front of an audience
  • The cost of the concert is built into our monthly membership fees (there’s no more for you to pay!)

“It has been a wonderful year with you, for our family! Thank you for continually encouraging my son to come out of his shell, and to get him into group classes and the concert!” – Min – Mum, 2015

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Annual Concert?

The Annual Concert will be held on Saturday 30 November 2019, with a compulsory Dress Rehearsal on Saturday the 23rd of November.

Where is the Annual Concert?

The Annual Concert is held at the Draney Theatre at Marist College in Ashgrove. Entry to the theatre Theatre is via the little bridge off Glenlyon Drive. This beautiful theatre environment will give our children the opportunity to experience a real stage production, complete with changing lights, microphones and a big red velvet curtain!

What is the theme of the concert?

A Dr Seuss theme ~ Oh The Places You’ll Go! 

What time will my child be performing?

The Annual Concert is divided into four 90 minute sessions, based on school groups. Red Hill classes are split across the four sessions. Please refer to the sessions listed below, and in the parent portal to find out which session your child’s class is in. Children will be signed in 30 minutes before their section so that they can get into costume!

How do I sign my child up to take part?

Your child must be enrolled in a weekly Speak Up program to attend the Annual Concert. All students are encouraged and expected to participate. There is no need to register, sign up or RSVP. If your child is unable to come along due to a conflicting activity we would appreciate if you could let us know immediately.

How much does it cost for my child to take part?

Participation in the Annual Concert is included in your child’s Speak Up membership. There are no additional fees to take part!

What will my child learn in term four classes?

Throughout term four, students will be working on a tailored program that is designed to teach them about performance, character, voice, and movement. They will be participating in activities that will help them be prepared to perform on stage. Students will work on a single script during the term, which will become a very polished piece for the concert.  It would be fantastic if you could help your child practise, and ensure that all lines are memorised by 1st November.


What should my child wear on the day?

Your child should wear their Speak Up uniform with long black pants or leggings to both the Concert and the Dress Rehearsal.

What will my child receive on the day?

Each student who participates in the Annual Concert will receive a button badge to add to their collection.  Spirit Awards are given out to celebrate students who exemplify what it means to be a Speak Up Kid. 

What are the sign-in and supervision procedures?

The Speak Up Concert team, including teachers, stage crew, and Speak Up Studio and Theatre staff, will be backstage supervising students on both Concert Day and Dress Rehearsal day. We will have activities and movies backstage to keep the students entertained while they are waiting to perform. Students must be signed in by parent or guardian and will meet you in the foyer when they are done.

Are parents allowed backstage?

For safety reasons, our backstage area is for students and authorised adults only. The only parents who are permitted to go backstage are pre-organised parent volunteers. Our concert is staffed by trained Speak Up staff who have Blue Cards. Parents of kindy-age students and parents of students with special needs will be provided with a backstage access pass to accompany their children on the day.

Does my child need to memorise something?

Yes please! Have a look in your child’s folder for a copy of their concert script. We ensure children are given plenty of time and opportunity to learn lines in class, and teachers will be standing by to prompt on the day! 

Do we need to buy tickets?

Yes. Tickets are available to purchase via Trybooking. We advise getting in quick!

Will there be photos available?

A professional photographer will also be at the concert to photograph the students on stage. These photos will be provided for free via email after the concert. 

“Congratulations to you and the Speak Up team on another fabulous concert. It was great to see all of the children be encouraged to focus on their abilities and perform.” – Catherine – Mum, 2016

Confidence Defines Our Approach to the Concert

As always at Speak Up Studio, our focus is on building confidence. We find that one of the best ways to do this is to give children the opportunity to have positive performing experiences. This includes being well prepared before the day and ensuring that our backstage area is well managed so that the day is fun and enjoyable. Speak Up Studio takes the following steps to ensure that our Annual Concert is a positive, and confidence-building experience for each of our students:

  • Selecting material for each class that is of an appropriate level of difficulty
  • Scheduling enough rehearsal time for classes to learn and practise the script
  • Providing positive feedback to students throughout the rehearsal process
  • Regularly reviewing the progress that classes have made, and making appropriate changes if it seems that the script is too long, or too difficult
  • Providing each student with a costume that they are comfortable performing in
  • Ensuring there are enough leaders backstage to supervise and assist
  • Putting strategies in place to ensure that students are kept safe
  • Making every effort to ensure students are not waiting for longer than necessary on concert and dress rehearsal day, and 
  • Congratulating students after the concert and helping them to feel proud of their hard work
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“I’d just like to congratulate you on how fabulous the concert was. I love that my kids can be exposed to all the bubbling creativity that Speak Up runs on whilst gaining some very valuable skills for life.” – Sarah – Mum, 2016

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