Individual Lessons

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Speech and Drama lessons

Individual Lessons are offered to students in grade 6 and up. Most of our private Speech and Drama lessons take place at our Red Hill Studio, where our collection of books and resources are readily available. Individual students are required to enrol in a weekly Inventors or Dreamers class, to gain essential performing experience and team skills.

Our individual students are Drama Kings and Drama Queens (in the best possible way!). They have a deep love for the arts and for literature. They crave technical mastery in voice, acting and communication. They love accents and are empowered to understand sound changes in accent work, thanks to their study of phonetics. Students are encouraged to bring school oral assignments to class for practical tips and assistance from their teacher.

Individual students extend their Speech and Drama skills through participation in AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) Drama and Performance exams. The syllabus takes students through a series of levels, with content such as Australian Literature, Biography and Autobiography, Elizabethan Literature (just to name a few!) 

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Private speech and drama lessons

How long are the classes?

Individual classes run for 45 minutes over eight weeks in term time. Classes begin in week two of each term.

What happens in class?

Individual lessons provide students with a tailored program that suits their individual needs. During the first lesson of each term, students and teacher will discuss specific goals and priorities for the term ahead, and this will form the basis of the student’s program. Students are encouraged to bring school oral assignments to class for coaching and guidance. Individual students take AMEB Speech and Performance exams, with senior students looking towards taking their Certificate in Speech and Performance, and their Associate in Speech and Performance (Teaching).

Can parents stay and watch?

No thanks. Lessons are just for teacher and students. 

What performing opportunities will my child have?

Individual students are invited to perform at our end of term showcases from time to time. Individual students in grade six to ten are required to take a group class, and will participate in most of their performing opportunities within their group. 

What resources will my child receive?

Each child receives a sturdy Speech and Drama folder when they enrol. The folder is like a giant pencil case, and is big enough to hold their scripts and shirt, and small enough to fit in their school bag! Students receive copies of texts and scripts throughout the term.

What should my child wear?

Individual student are welcome to wear their group class shirt or plain clothes. 

How many children in a class?

Individual lessons are conducted in pairs. Partners are selected based on mutual interests, friendships and matching personalities. Pairs have been known to build beautiful friendships through working together in Speech and Drama.

Can my child try a class?

Speak Up does not offer trial lessons to new students as we do not believe it is possible for a child to get a full understanding of what our programs are like in just one lesson. We offer a one month guarantee instead. Pay for your first month, come along for up to four weeks and if your child isn’t loving it, we we will cancel your enrolment and you won’t be charged any more for the term. Learn more by reading our terms and conditions.

What are the fees?

Our fees are designed to be EASY! Everything (even AMEB exam registration fees) is included in 3 payments of $110 per term. Learn more by reading our terms and conditions.

How do I enrol my child?

It’s best to give us a call or send us an email to discuss enrolling your child before registering on the parent portal. Individual students are required to enrol in a group class as well, and we will usually try and book the two lessons back to back.

What’s the next step for Individual students?

Individual students step into the world with confidence to take on any challenge. The AMEB Speech and Performance syllabus is designed to develop interpretative and performance skills across a broad spectrum of styles, genres and eras. Candidates will achieve secure vocal technique, integrated physical response and imaginative and insightful presentation of texts. They will develop the skills required for interpreting to audiences in a variety of performance spaces. We encourage students to continue lessons until grade 12. The final graduation point for adult students is a teaching qualification! Speak Up provides fantastic immersive Teacher Training and mentoring that are essential to the development of young teachers. We assure you, there is no more rewarding career!

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We see Zoe utilising her speech and drama skills in many facets of life, particularly in her school oral presentations. It is great to see her joy as she thinks of different ways to present her news topic each week rather than the standard PowerPoint and palm cards. The other week, she received a standing ovation from her peers and teacher for her creative presentation on the Australian pioneer Caroline Chisholm. Thank you for the passion you share with her each week. – Catherine (mum 2015)