Spring 2018 Workshop Wrap Up


Our Little Experts program started the week with a Greatest Showman inspired musical theatre workshop, and shared the most fantabulous singing, dancing and facial expressions with us!

Greatest Showman

Our Short and Sweet children started the day with some naughty villains from Descendants! We created magic jars and learned a mash up of awesome songs inspired by the movie! We had a fabulous time performing for our mums and dads at the end of this workshop.

Greatest Showman

Our Short and Sweet children continued the fun with an incredible Incredibles workshop, where we designed our own masks and played lots of drama games about superheros!

IMG_5287 (1)


Our Little Experts spent today creating Fantastic Beasts flip books and inventing characters including: Beatrice Rattletron, Peng Tarantalaeger, Wasp Bumblebosque, Lorelei Petti, Bee Snagallongate, Honey Tigress. This is a largely improvisation based workshop finishing in a late-night, quiz-show style interview about their books.

IMG_8115 (1)


Short and Sweet started of the morning with nothing less than a wonderful The Greatest Showman workshop! Today we decorated some top hats which we wore for our performance. We danced and sang out from the top of our lungs some of the catchiest tunes, maybe ever to be written!


IMG_8052 (1)

Short and Sweet ended the day with Captain Underpants. Each child made a cape with their very own superhero insignia on the back. The rest of the workshop consisted of fun drama games concluding with a performance of some Captain Underpants themed scripts! What fun was had!

IMG_8090 (1)


Today in our Short and Sweet morning workshop we got crafty with some polymer baking clay to make our very own hearts of Tefiti. We spoke about how the clay would harden in the oven into a beautiful necklace we could wear! Afterwards we wore our necklaces while we learned some songs and dances from Moana. We also got a chance to explore different characters from the movie Moana, especially Maui! You’re welcome!


In the afternoon we got our craft on again and made ourselves some Unicorn Horns! This is a very tricky craft so we had to work together and help each other out. Everyone’s horns turned out beautifully and were wonderfully featured in both our mini-performances of “I Rode A Rainbow Unicorn” and “Thelma the Unicorn”.  There was also time for some Unicorn themed drama games!

IMG_8222 IMG_8209

Meanwhile, our Little Experts spent the day creating circus characters, making up their own choreography and singing and dancing with incredible vocal and facial expression. All this to prepare for a stellar Greatest Showman performance!




Today in our morning Short and Sweet workshop we learnt all about Mary Poppins! We talked about the old movie and about the new one coming out and we all agreed that Mary Poppins must be the most wonderful Nanny ever to have lived! We made our very own glittering kites and then took them out for a spin in our musical theatre number Let’s Go Fly a Kite! 



In the afternoon we took a journey to the Hundred Acre Wood where we met creatures of all shapes and sizes. We were inspired by these creatures when we made our sock puppets. We spent the rest of the afternoon learning to animate our puppets and give them unique facial and vocal expressions. Then we used these new skills to put on a puppet show for our friends!

IMG_8271 IMG_8277

In our Little Experts Classroom today we explored the wonderful, wizarding world of Harry Potter. We picked out some funny scenes and spent the day refining our characters voices, gestures and expressions. We rounded out a magical day with some drama games and a performance of all that we learnt.




In our last day of Short and Sweet Workshops for these school holidays, we started our morning with Mamma Mia! We must admit we had as much fun as the children in this workshop! We worked together to make ourselves some spangly, pom pom microphones. Then we performed Mamma Mia for our audience in true super star fashion.




We rounded out a busy week of workshops with Cats and Dogs. We worked very hard on our ears and tails so that we could were them for our performance. Once they were done spent the afternoon prancing, pouncing and meowing to some of the wonderful music from Aristocats!




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