What is a terrarium?

water flow in the terrariumA terrarium is tiny garden enclosed within a sealed glass container. Terrariums are lots of fun to make, and are also a great way to teach kids about the water cycle, as they demonstrate evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Because the water in a terrarium is trapped inside the container, terrariums can live for years without ever being watered!






Dinosaur Terrarium


Terrarium’s are made from layers of sand, stones, gravel and soil, with a few extra ingredients mixed in, which help the soil breath, and the water move up and down the water table. Plants are then planted in the tiny world and moss is added. Finally, children can choose¬†tiny decorations to live in their gardens (like fairies and dinosaurs!) making this a fun, wholesome and beautiful living craft project!

A Faerie Gathering...Fairy Garden Terrarium Mushroom by FaerieNest, $36.00Themed terrariums! Put this in a big open container so kids can play (after discussing proper respect for the living plants) to give their beloved Dino play another dimension.terrariums for the tables. made with polymer clay and sculpey, and then placed in little mason jars with moss and dirt and stones. pretty easy centerpiece for tables! i would also add a little stick with a cute white marker on it to say, "Table Five", etc.Find Your Own Wings....Miniature Fairy Terrarium Accessory Fairy Garden Miniature Tiny Faerie Garden Furniture Tiny People Encouragement

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