Winter Workshop Wrap Up!

We had a lovely time with all the students at our Winter workshops these holidays! Our friends who joined us for the Short and Sweet workshops had a blast crafting, learning drama skills, and dancing & singing to a range of fabulous songs!

On Monday morning we started with a crafty and musical Descendants themed workshops. The students crafted their very own evil queen apple jar and learnt a song and dance to a mash up of numbers from Disney’s Descendant’s films 🙂

Descendants 08













In the afternoon we were joined by a group of unlikely superheroes in our Captain Underpants workshop! Students crafted their very own capes and performed a few scenes from the books.

Cpt Underpants 04










On Tuesday morning we met Maui and Moana for a musical workshop and crafted our very own shell necklaces before performing a mashup of songs from the film.

Moana 03










In the afternoon the studio was turned into the secret headquarters for the group of spies that set up here to create their own spy journals and learn a few acting skills… to hide their real identities.

Secret Spy 02












On Wednesday morning we met Belle who simply loves books! Did you know the Beast even gave her her own library? Well, of course, we crafted our very own book bags and learnt a song and dance to a few songs from the Disney classic.

Beauty and the Beast












In the afternoon, Geronimo Stilton taught us all about how to create the most adventurous, most outstanding, most cheese-filled stories of all time! We write our own adventures and learnt all about story writing and creating character!











On Thursday morning we were taken to PT Barnum’s Circus and created our own sculpture of ourselves before learning a few moves to song of the songs from the hit film.

Greatest Showman 5









The studio was turned into a zoo in the afternoon… well, Zootopia! We created our very own sock puppets and learnt to use them to develop character and voice!

Zootopia 03











On Friday morning Simba and Nala helped us create our own lion headbands and tails before teaching us a song and dance to a few songs from the Disney classic.

Lion King 01













In the afternoon we joined the Mad Hatter and the March Hare for a tea party. We painted our own tea cups and learnt a song and a few scenes from the movie.

Mad Hatters 23

Our Little Experts spent the week learning acting technique, film making, character development, and musical theatre skills. We had a wonderful time working with the older students and would like to share a few photos with you!

On Monday and Tuesday morning the Little Experts discovered a few funny scenes from Harry Potter!

Harry Potter

In the afternoons, students learnt a few songs and dances from The Greatest Showman.

Greatest Showman

On Wednesday a group of fabulous students joined us all day to film and edit a music videos from The Greatest Showman (watch it online here!)

Music Video

On Thursday and Friday morning our Harry Potter fans were back, this time to learn a few monologues from the Villains from Harry Potter.

Harry P Villains

In the afternoons we were joined by a group of Jedi masters who learnt a few scenes from Star Wars.

Star Wars


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