Benefits of Performing 

Benefits of Performing 

Performing arts can be a profound and important part of children’s development. The skills learned from performing can continue to affect and improve a child’s ability in many areas of their education.

Research tells us, “when children are encouraged to express themselves through art, they develop a sense of innovation that extends into their adult lives”.

Upon reading this I thought to myself, how true of all of the students I currently work with. Many of them participate in multiple performance opportunities with Speak Up Studio; from school assemblies, drama eisteddfods and exams, performing for parents and peers in class, and of course our annual concert. Students who were part of one or more of these performance chances really do show significant progress in multiple facets of confidence and learning.

Here is some feedback from parents regarding the performing opportunities their child was involved in in as part of Speak Up Studio classes:

“I would like to compliment you and your team on the professionalism of the end of year performance. I was very impressed, and what a marvellous insight you were able to give the kids on theatre production.”

“Watching my daughter get up on stage both at school and on the weekend and speak so confidently was amazing. She tells me she wasn’t even nervous! (I was!) The concert was really well done and very enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing what she’ll accomplish next year.”

“There have been many moments this term when all three of my children have presented me with evidence that the Speak Up Studio classes are really building their confidence and arming them with some wonderful skills. I was amazed when watching my usually shy six year old stand up in front of a room full of children and perform jokes for the recent school Talent competition. To witness him being so calm and confident was the loveliest thing.”


For parents and teachers to be able to see such amazing amounts of confidence shining though in a child who may not have been confident previously is simply amazing. And, for those children who are already confident enough to stand up and speak, performing can instil skills that they will continue to use into adulthood.

Some of the benefits of performing include: 

  • building and developing self-confidence
  • promoting self-motivation and self-expression
  • overcoming of fears and anxieties about public speaking
  • developing skills in memory
  • expressing creative flare
  • problem-solving through dealing with unexpected situations,and
  • team building, including social interaction and cooperation

Speak Up Studio will take the following steps to ensure that our concert is a positive experience for each of our students:

  • By selecting material for each class that is of an appropriate level of difficulty
  • By scheduling enough rehearsal time for classes to learn and practise the script
  • By providing positive feedback to students throughout the rehearsal process
  • By regularly reviewing the progress that classes have made, and making appropriate changes if it seems that the script is too long, or too difficult
  • By providing each student with a beautiful costume, that they are comfortable performing in
  • By ensuring there are enough adults backstage to supervise and assist
  • By putting strategies in place to ensure that students are kept safe
  • By making every effort to ensure students are not waiting for any longer than necessary on concert and dress rehearsal day, and
  • By congratulating students after the concert and helping them to feel proud of their hard work