Dreamers Ensemble Program Information

Dreamers was created by Speak Up Studio when our little kids kept growing into big kids and didn’t want to stop doing drama! There are two programs to choose from, Dreamers Ensemble and Dreamers Drama. Read on to find more about Dreamers Ensemble.


Dreamers Ensemble is an advanced performance and acting program with a focus on connection, creativity and confidence.  Our Dreamers program expands student’s skills in speech, drama and stage craft with a strong focus on creating theatre and performance of exceptional quality!


Dreamers explore a variety of theatre genres and techniques whilst working toward the performance of a full play!  Students create characters and build skills in an immersive and fun rehearsal environment lead by our passionate and energetic teaching team.


We avoid teaching anything from the high school drama curriculum, to avoid cross over and to keep our dreamers inspired with fresh and challenging content.  Dreamers Ensemble is hands-on, imaginative with a strong focus on ensemble skills and leadership. This class is for students who are passionate, committed, absolutely love to be on stage and who are ready for a challenge!


Joining the Ensemble is all about finding your perfect class. We take care to place students in a class that will suit their needs and with kids we think they’ll really gel with! Ensemble classes also vary in curriculum with some focussing on musical theatre and some on acting. Our Ensemble teachers are experts at what they do, so we also like to match your personality with a teacher we think you’ll adore.

Structure & fees

Dreamers Ensemble

8 x 2 hour lessons per term

Grade 7 – 12

3 monthly payments of $198 ($594 per term)

Up to 12 students per class

Senior Ensemble

8 x 2 hour lessons per term

Grade 10 – 12

3 monthly payments of $209 ($627 per term)

Up to 16 students per class (with two teachers)

What's included

Three special productions each year

Uniform, folder and resources

Dazzling costumes and props

Scripts written or adapted for each group

One free workshop each term

Access to the Masterclass extension program

What to expect


The Ensemble is a safe space, everyone is welcome here. Our curriculum is designed to support neurodiverse and gender diverse students. Students in this program are exceptionally kind & develop enduring friendships in an environment that celebrates self expression and being your own kind of weird!


There is no back row in the Ensemble! Scripts are developed specifically for our students with opportunities for everyone to sparkle and develop their confidence and skills. Teachers take care to nurture and challenge each individual.

These classes are founded on fun. All students leave Dreamers Drama buzzing with laughter and silliness. We foster playfulness and imagination with our energetic curriculum.


Students in the Ensemble understand the work it takes to produce a show. They know drama is a team effort and are committed to their craft. The Ensemble not only builds performance skills, it also teaches kids professionalism, independence and focus.

I can’t believe that Caspar has graduated from Ensemble after starting with Speak Up in Grade 3.  I’m incredibly grateful that Speak Up has created a sense of community for him and always pushed him to explore new opportunities. His ability to speak clearly and passionately shows up in school presentations, job interviews and interactions with older adults. Because of Speak Up he’s developed skills that will carry him through life, no matter what he does. Money well spent. Thank you so much! ~ Cathy