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Hi, I’m Miss Cathy

I founded the business when I was 20 years old, as a sole speech and drama teacher. A decade later, Speak Up has developed a full primary drama syllabus, a series of in-demand creative holiday workshops, and has over 900 students participating in weekly lessons across our Brisbane venues. More importantly, the Speak Up community is thriving and I am surrounded by a team of remarkable women.

I have Speech and Drama to thank for that.

Speech and Drama lessons made me the person I am today. It taught me how to talk to people, to believe in myself, and gave me the license to express my creativity.

It’s no wonder communication, confidence and creativity are our core values. I am where I am today because these highly transferable skills were cultivated in me as a child.

This is what I want for every child


I want them to be able to communicate to their peers and to adults. I want them to have the courage to trust in themselves and be their number one cheer squad. I want them to try new things, take risks and never stop thinking, dreaming, and creating. Because when a child is armed with these qualities, they are set for life.


– Miss Cathy Clur

We call them Team Rainbow

The Speak Up team is made up of extraordinary, inspiring and unique humans who live and breathe our philosophies. Our office is filled with colour, laughter, Disney music, and cheerful people who are serious about the benefits of performing arts education.

Meet the team that brings Speak Up to life and who will be working alongside your child as they grow up in our studio family.

Miss Olivia

Our resident incubating duckling. You will always find Olivia wrapped up, perched in the sunlight and sneaking away to turn the heating back on. A fountain of knowledge and talent, Miss Olivia co-ordinates our spectacular performances, equipped with a musical gift and an answer for every ‘Hey Olivia… just a quick question…’. Our teaching team would be lost in the dark (and cold) without her.

Miss Olivia

Studio Manager and Drama Queen
Miss Anna

A dash of colour and a sparkle out the corner of your eye - it’s none other than Miss Anna with her bright spirit and a glittery pair of earrings to match! Like your favourite aunt at Christmas, Anna brings a smorgasbord to the table, as she surprises us again and again with her ability to do, well, just about anything. Anna can adapt to all situations and tasks at the speed of light, all while catering to the needs of each and everyone of her students - we’re convinced she could build a rocket ship in a day if she needed to.

Miss Anna

Education Manager

Meet Jess: you'll hear her before you see her. Don’t be fooled by her ‘I mean business' guise, this woman is sunshine in human form. Jess comes into any room with the energy of a caffeinated kelpie and leaves every child feeling loved, included and exhausted. Have a problem? Jess is your girl. In fact, most days it seems that Jess is on a mission to help as many people as she possibly can, whether it’s venue hunting, lesson planning or smile spreading, Miss Jess is on the case.

Miss Jess

Office Manager

Do you know that moment when you feel like you can tackle the world? Like nothing can stop the smile on your face and the spring in your step? That’s every day when Miss Caitlin is around. You can find Caitlin nestled in a cosy corner of the office with a warm cup of tea and an excited glint in her eyes. Students and parents alike absolutely adore Miss Caitlin and the beautiful energy she brings into her classrooms, and we don’t blame them, we adore her too.

Miss Caitlin

Senior Drama Queen

Miss Grace is the queen of both our Dreamers program and swirly pink outfits! She deeply values the importance of quality arts education for young people and endeavours to provide her students with incredible theatrical opportunities. She can usually be found dreaming and scheming up her next production, or dancing around the rehearsal room making theatre magic with her kids.

Miss Grace

Dreamers Co-ordinator and Drama Queen
Miss Riley

Miss Riley is a way-finder to her students, helping them find their footing as they grow into their most authentic, confident selves. She's your go-to for compliments when you need a pick me up, and is always a loud, positive voice in the room. Riley assumes her teacher responsibilities with enthusiasm and nonsensical flair, refusing to take the simple path. She's a lover of stripes and aims to own more fun socks, just to match her hilarious personality.

Miss Riley

Drama Queen
Speak Up Staff Headshots

With her country bumpkin heart and her cloudless personality, Miss Ellie shoots up from the ground just like a sunflower! She is dedicated to building her students' confidence and sharing the art of storytelling. If you need something made, Miss Ellie's your gal. With a glue stick and bag of glitter, she will make magic happen before your eyes. She also loves making scrumdiddlyumptious food and endeavours to sing and dance her way through every day.

Miss Ellie

Drama Queen

Missy Izzy's students are hooked on her exuberant, thoughtful, and warm energy. Performing from an early age, Miss Izzy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Speech and Performance and 10 year’s experience with AMEB. She is sometimes the biggest kid in the room and is able to unleash children’s superpowers with her openness and authenticity. She spreads happiness through her classrooms aiming for it to go viral!

Miss Izzy

Drama Queen

Miss Maddy is a bundle of creative flare and sparkly confetti. You’ll commonly find her behind the sewing machine crafting something beautiful. Experienced in singing, dancing and all things drama, she fell in love with everything arts as a child and hopes to nurture your child’s love of performing arts with a lot of kindness and a little dash of silly! Miss Maddy melds together her expertise in the arts with her dedication to education to create an environment that fosters creativity and imagination in children.

Miss Maddy

Drama Queen

Mr Sheldon loves to bring in a fun and crazy energy into all of his classes. Graduating from USQ with a major in Theatre, Mr Sheldon found a love for directing and youth theatre.
He loves exploring text in depth and learning through. Collaboration is the important thing in the drama room. Mr Sheldon's superpower is to keep telling jokes until the kids laugh.


Drama King

Amy is our tap-dancing marketing genius. She excels in creating everything from scratch, from sourdough to signage that sparkles. She is a wizard at strategy and social media, whipping up marketing plans and designing pleasing Instagram feeds, with just a flick of her magic wand (and a tap tap tap on her computer!) Amy is also a great example of, just because you get the job doesn’t mean you stop learning, always looking to build on her marketing knowledge.


Marketing & Administration Manager

Rubi is our go-to guru for all things costumes. Hot glue, fabric and pom-poms make her as happy as a pig in mud. Nothing puts a smile on her face like seeing excitable students wearing their costumes for the very first time. When Rubi’s not frolicking in fabric, you can find her trying out some new wacky hobby like surfing or learning French.


Studio Co-ordinator

Our Enrolment Assistant Glory loves a good system and a streamlined process. She's a delight to our customers and loves to hear about your kids! If you are feeling down Glory knows just what to say. Her positive attitude and creative mind meld together to create the fun-loving red head before you! She's rubbed shoulders with the best, performing internationally, but always feels most at home with a cup of tea and a good book.


Venue Development Assistant

Kara joined the studio in the least dramatic role we can imagine - bookkeeper - a role she executes with flair and passion! Like any good accountant, Kara knows the details are critical to informing the big picture, and her work enables us to keep the boring bits of studio management in order. Kara's greatest strengths are her empathy and compassion. She's the voice of kindness we all need around the office.


Finance Co-ordinator
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The newest addition to the marketing team, Emma is ready to engage audiences with her design skills, tell you about the latest trend on Tiktok and whip up a very colourful spreadsheet. With a flare for the creative, she is skilled in photography, digital marketing and video editing.

Please ask her about her cats.


Marketing Co-ordinator
I love the passion and enthusiasm of the teachers. I think you have to have passion in life – and when you teach it is essential. I LOVE the positive energy and kindness and support that all the teachers show each and every one of the students. That love for what they do, the effort that goes in every single day – is what makes such a huge difference to our young people. Having this positive input into their young lives is going to stay with them all of their days. Iit is always about the people, the passion and the kindness and support.


Kristy, mum

Work With Us

Are you a good communicator? Are you confident? Are you creative?

Are you looking for a job that’s more than a job?

If your life’s purpose is to use your strengths to lift others up, then we want to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for new professional Drama Queens to join the Speak Up family. 

Other programs we’ve created


As our community has grown and changed, so have we. Once our big speak up kids grew up and told us they weren’t going anywhere, we created Dreamers. 

In response to the COVID crisis, we invented a new, low cost drama program called Drama Club. Both these programs are facilitated by Speak Up teachers.

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