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Hi, I’m Miss Cathy

I founded the studio when I was 20 years old, as a sole speech and drama teacher. More than a decade later, Speak Up is a thriving little community which many of our young people see as a second home. These days we have a comprehensive drama curriculum, 900 weekly students, a full year of performances, and popular school holiday programs. 

A lot has changed in business in the last 13 years, but the skills that have helped me lead and develop studio for so many years have not. As a speech and drama kid, I learned how to talk to people, to believe in myself, and to express my creativity. It’s no wonder communication, confidence and creativity are our core values at Speak Up – these highly transferable skills were cultivated in me as a child and it’s a pleasure to see our students growing as performers and human beings. 

What’s next for the studio, you ask? Well right now we are working on a little restructure to help make way for the torrent of high schoolers who’ve flocked to our classes in the last two years. We have some exciting renovations planned at the Rosie Theatre and after welcoming a little girl to the world in 2022, I’m still figuring out working-mum life (aren’t we all?)

This is what I want for every child


I want them to be able to communicate to their peers and to adults. I want them to have the courage to trust in themselves and be their number one cheer squad. I want them to try new things, take risks and never stop thinking, dreaming, and creating. Because when a child is armed with these qualities, they are set for life.


– Miss Cathy Clur

We call them Team Rainbow

The Speak Up team is made up of extraordinary, inspiring and unique humans who live and breathe our philosophies. Our office is filled with colour, laughter, Disney music, and cheerful people who are serious about the benefits of performing arts education.

Meet the team that brings Speak Up to life and who will be working alongside your child as they grow up in our studio family.

Miss Olivia

Olivia has been working with Speech and Drama students for many years, helping them to develop confidence, refine their communication skills and cultivate their creativity. She believes in fostering a love of literature and performing in all children and creating an environment where they can express themselves boldly, nurture their imagination and learn to articulate their thoughts with charisma and clarity.

Miss Olivia

Studio Manager and Drama Queen

Amy is our tap-dancing marketing genius. She excels in creating everything from scratch, from sourdough to signage that sparkles. She is a wizard at strategy and social media, whipping up marketing plans and designing pleasing Instagram feeds, with just a flick of her magic wand (and a tap tap tap on her computer!) Amy is also a great example of, just because you get the job doesn’t mean you stop learning, always looking to build on her marketing knowledge.


Marketing & Administration Manager
Miss Anna

Miss Anna has been working at Speak for many years, beginning as a teacher and now in the role of the Education Manager. With kindness, patience and empathy at her core, Anna fills her classroom with opportunities for children to come as they are at any and every stage of their performing journey. Anna prides herself on her long-lasting connections with students and families.

Miss Anna

Education Manager & Drama Queen

Meet Jess: you'll hear her before you see her. Don’t be fooled by her ‘I mean business' guise, this woman is sunshine in human form. Jess comes into any room with the energy of a caffeinated kelpie and leaves every child feeling loved, included and exhausted. Have a problem? Jess is your girl. In fact, most days it seems that Jess is on a mission to help as many people as she possibly can, whether it’s venue hunting, lesson planning or smile spreading, Miss Jess is on the case.

Miss Jess

Business Development Manager & Drama Queen

Caitlin has been a Speech and Drama teacher at Speak Up for many years. Caitlin believes that the benefits of a speech and drama education exceed a classroom setting and helps shape kids into confident and creative people. She believes children have a lot of important things to say and that through play and performance, kids are equipped with the skills to thoughtfully express themselves and their ideas.

Miss Caitlin

Senior Drama Queen

Maddy has worked in the performing arts and education space for the past 10 years. Maddy creates a classroom that is all about connection, and through the magic of drama she aims to foster her students creativity, imagination and confidence. The drama classroom is a space where everyone is free to be themselves, to explore their passions and take risks with the support of teachers who genuinely care.

Miss Maddy

Curriculum Coordinator & Drama Queen
Miss Riley

Riley is your classic theatre kid! Riley joined Speak Up with the hopes of helping children grow into their most authentic, confident selves through exploring all things drama and comedy. Riley teaches with enthusiasm and nonsensical flair! Her classroom is a safe environment where students can be themselves without the fear of being judged, she nurtures creativity and authenticity in every child she meets.

Miss Riley

Drama Queen
Speak Up Staff Headshots

Ellie's country bumpkin heart and her cloudless personality, shoots up from the ground just like a sunflower! She has studied and professionally taught dance, drama and musical theatre in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Ellie believes that cultivating a safe, supportive environment combined with play and imagination, is the very best way to nurture a confident child who has the courage to “speak up” in all aspects of their life.

Miss Ellie

Drama Queen

Missy Izzy's students are hooked on her exuberant, thoughtful, and warm energy. She is sometimes the biggest kid in the room and is able to unleash children’s superpowers with her openness and authenticity. She spreads happiness through her classrooms that her students are able to take into their daily lives!

Miss Izzy

Drama Queen
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You’ll always find Glory humming or singing a tune - with years of musical theatre, singing and drama teaching behind her - she’s no stranger to all things do re mi. Her classroom inspires children to never stop asking questions and to embody inclusivity and kindness at the centre of every activity. Glory believes in the power of a positive mental attitude and reminds every child that their best is always good enough.

Miss Glory

Drama Queen
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Miss Jess has a bright and loud energy to match her bright pink hair! She has a passion for encouraging a love of the theatre in young people and has ambitions to make it more accessible for all. Beyond the stage Miss Jess believes that drama education creates confident, articulate and empathetic people. She loves creating opportunities so kids can explore create and try!

Miss Jess

Drama Queen
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The newest addition to the marketing team, Emma is ready to engage audiences with her design skills, tell you about the latest trend on Tiktok and whip up a very colourful spreadsheet. With a flare for the creative, she is skilled in photography, digital marketing and video editing.

Please ask her about her cats.


Marketing Co-ordinator

Kara joined the studio in the least dramatic role we can imagine - bookkeeper - a role she executes with flair and passion! Like any good accountant, Kara knows the details are critical to informing the big picture, and her work enables us to keep the boring bits of studio management in order. Kara's greatest strengths are her empathy and compassion. She's the voice of kindness we all need around the office.


Finance Co-ordinator
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Meet Peta, a vibrant soul radiating positivity. With a resilient spirit and an organized mind, Peta navigates our admin and enrolment systems with compassion and kindness. Her creative flair illuminates every endeavor, making her a beacon of inspiration for our team. Get ready to embark on a journey with Peta, where her energy and caring nature guide you to the perfect class for your child.


Office Manager
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Drama Dog
I love the passion and enthusiasm of the teachers. I think you have to have passion in life – and when you teach it is essential. I LOVE the positive energy and kindness and support that all the teachers show each and every one of the students. That love for what they do, the effort that goes in every single day – is what makes such a huge difference to our young people. Having this positive input into their young lives is going to stay with them all of their days. Iit is always about the people, the passion and the kindness and support.


Kristy, mum

Work With Us

Are you a good communicator? Are you confident? Are you creative?

Are you looking for a job that’s more than a job?

If your life’s purpose is to use your strengths to lift others up, then we want to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for new professional Drama Queens to join the Speak Up family.