Grow Up At Speak Up


At Speak Up Studio, we are a part of your child’s journey as they grow up. From their first day of prep (with their overly-large backpack!) to their last day of year 12 and beyond, speech and drama will be their ally, their secret weapon, and their second home. Our students stick with us for years and years because with each year and each performance they can see, hear, and feel the incredible progress they’ve made.
And we love nothing more than watching the once wild or super-shy 4-year-old develop into a unique, expressive, empathetic teenager who is ready to face the world head on. If this sounds like the place you can see your kid growing up, then read on to find the program and class for you.
Drama Club

How to find the perfect class

Speak Up offers a range of programs specifically tailored around developmental, social and creative needs of our students.


It can be a bit tricky to wrap your head around, so to simplify things we’ve created a little theatre metaphor that helps illustrate our program progression.


If you have any questions, drop us an email or give us a call on 07 3367 8572 and we’ll be able to place you in the perfect class!

Drama Club Program

Prologue – the theatre is quiet, the lights are low, a cheeky face peeks out from behind the curtain… 

Drama Club is our entry level program, held at your child’s school. Students experience magical weekly lessons that culminate in performances at the end of term two and term four. Drama Club is affordable, inclusive and creative. Kids can be a part of Drama Club throughout primary school. If your child loves it and wants even more, they can add a showcase class or transition a studio venue.

Drama Club Juniors (prep – grade 2) 45 minute lesson | $264 per term > 

Drama Club Seniors (grade 3 – 6) 45 minute lesson | $264 per term > 

Speak Up Drama Class

Speak Up Program

The curtain opens on Act I, as young performers take their first steps onto the stage. 

Speak Up is our signature program, held at our studio locations and a selection of primary schools. It’s a classic speech and drama program, with an emphasis on playfulness and building the foundation for future dramatic adventures. In Storytellers (prep – grade 2) students learn the basics of storytelling and stage presence. As they progress to Inventors (grade 3 – 6) students begin to develop their own narratives, to experiment with character development and collaborative storytelling.

Storytellers  (prep – 2) $363 per term | 45 minute lesson >

Inventors (grade 3 – 6) $429 per term | 60 minute lesson >

Performers Program

Act II – the spotlight now shines on our Performers, whose confidence and talent are a joy to behold. 

Performers are the kids who simply can’t get enough drama. They love learning lines and live for being on stage. Within the Performers program, students are challenged to create even more intricate and detailed productions. Longer lessons enable us to delve deeper into the technical aspects of drama. Commitment to rehearsals and performances is essential to your child’s success in the program. While generally made up of Speak Up and Drama Club kids, Performers is also perfect for students who have enjoyed drama elsewhere and are looking for an extra challenge.

Performers Program (grade 5 – 7) $561 per term | 90 minute lessons >

Showcase Program

Intermission – during this brief break, some students may choose a more intimate setting for their exploration.

Showcase becomes a private stage for individual talents to shine, providing a different perspective on drama outside the group dynamic. Working closely with their teacher, students have access to additional showcase performances and perform at the Imagination Festival and Annual Concert.

Showcase (grade 3 – 6) $297 per term | 30 minute lessons >

Showcase students must also be enrolled in a group class


Backstage access – step behind the curtain and see the actors at work. 

Masterclass students refine their craft under the guidance of seasoned mentors. During their weekly masterclass, take on work that they love and are challenged to explore characters and formats that they have tended to avoid. Masterclass students perform at the Imagination Festival and Annual Concert and at several extra showcases throughout the year.

Masterclass (grade 7 – 12) $297 per term | 60 minute lessons >

Masterclass students must be enrolled in a group class

Dreamers Drama

Act Three – the middle of the play – a lull – a moment to breath

Students, now Dreamers, have less time on their hands to work on big complicated shows and are looking for a place to connect with likeminded teens, develop their acting skills and focus on improvisation skills and scene work.

Dreamers Drama (grade 6 – 12) $396 per term | 60 minute lessons >

Dreamers Ensemble

The Grand Finale featuring our most talented, creative & committed students.

The Dreamers Ensemble represents a higher level of collaboration and complexity. Students explore more profound narratives and intricate character arcs, honing their skills for larger, more ambitious productions. Dreamers perform a Revue in term one and a Mainstage Show in term three. Dreamers Ensemble is an intense program for students who are seriously committed. Admission is by application and places in this programs is quite limited.

Dreamers Ensemble (grade 7 – 12) $594 per term | 1.5 hour class >

Senior Ensemble (grade 10 – 12 only) $627 per term | 2 hour class >

Still need help

If you’re not sure which class to select for your child please submit an enquiry using the button below and one of our friendly Drama Queens will get back to you.