Dreamers Drama Program Information

Dreamers Drama classes are for high school students seeking a vibrant, inclusive, and fabulously fun environment. Meet your people, ignite creativity, and develop acting skills in a low-pressure setting.

Classes focus on developing acting skills through improvisation and theatre sports. Through a blend of practical exercises, monologue workshops, and scene studies, students will develop a deeper understanding of character development, emotional expression, and stage presence. We understand that the best learning happens when students feel comfortable and supported. Dreamers Drama provides a low-pressure atmosphere where mistakes are embraced as opportunities for growth. Each student is encouraged to take risks and explore their unique talents without fear of judgment.

Dreamers Drama teachers are drama-game-fanatics who pull out the most silly, funny, enjoyable games in class each week. But don’t worry, there’s always time for old favourites. These classes are about finding a moment of joy and levity in that bustling and busy time of your life that is high school!

Structure & fees

8 x 60 minute lessons per term

Grade 7 – 12

3 monthly payments of $132 ($396 per term)

Up to 15 students per class

What's included

In class performances throughout the year.

Two tickets to a Dreamers Ensemble main stage show.

Costumes, props & resources.

What to expect


We believe that strong connections among students form the foundation for a supportive and enriching learning experience. Our students forge lasting bonds that go beyond the stage.


These classes are founded on fun. All students leave Dreamers Drama buzzing with laughter and silliness. We foster playfulness and imagination with our energetic curriculum.


Our drama class is a space where diversity is celebrated, and every voice is heard. We foster an inclusive atmosphere where students of all backgrounds, experiences, and abilities feel welcome and valued. Students are encouraged to Speak Up and let their voice be heard.

Thank you for seeing how she was feeling and giving her a less-stressful option! This has always been something that’s impressed me about Speak Up – how well the teachers get to know and understand the kids and how they’re feeling. My girls have been doing Speak Up since 2018, and every teacher they’ve ever had has demonstrated great compassion for and understanding of the kids ~ Meagan