Masterclass Program Information

Masterclass students are ready to take everything they have learned throughout their speech and drama journey and refine it, adding that final sparkle. Masterclasses are a traditional format of learning for performers and are for students who are ready to take ownership and start cultivating their own approach to their craft.

Masterclass teachers ask students thought provoking questions, challenge their text interpretation skills and Students will work individually with their teacher and also independently or in small groups to produce exceptional work.

Masterclass students have access to our most senior teachers and will form lasting relationships as mentors both on stage and off. Classes are in groups of six, with students often choosing to work closely with a partner or individually.

Structure & fees

8 x 60 minute lessons per term

Grade 6 – 12

3 monthly payments of $99 ($297 per term)

6 students per class

What's included

Masterclass students perform in class twice a year

Term 1 – Showcase

Term 2 – Exam Program

Term 4 – Annual Concert

Also included in your fees are:

Three special performances each year

Uniform & folder

Costumes, props & resources

Individual class content tailored to each child’s interests & abilities

What to expect

Risk Taking

Students in Masterclass understand the work it takes to produce a performance. Teachers take care to nurture and challenge each individual student so that feel empowered take risks, embrace a sense of daring and confidence in exploring new challenges.


We value bringing out the best in you. In Masterclass teachers collaborate with students in a personalised setting, delving into texts and craft performances that showcase individual passions and talents. With their guidance, students are nurtured to shine brightly on stage, ensuring a confident and polished performance in every performance opportunity.


Masterclass provides students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning. Learning is self directed annd driven by the students. Our experienced teachers will guide and facilitate learning that builds students critical annd creative thinking.

Mila has really been loving her private class – every Tuesday she comes home happy and bounces about telling us what you’ve been working on. For someone who is naturally an introvert, she’s most definitely learned how to be extroverted on stage 🙂 ~ Meagan