Information For Current Speak Up Families

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Monthly Class Fees

Explorers $95 per month (total of $285 per term)

Storytellers $105 per month (total of $315 per term)

Inventors $115 per month (total of $345 per term)

Dreamers $125 per month (total of $375 per term)

Philosophers $165 per month (total of $495 per term)

Private $120 per month (total of $360 per term)


Enrolling in Weekly Classes

Enrol at the start of each school term (enrolments are accepted up to week 4)

Over the term, your credit card will be charged three equal monthly payments

Fees will be charged automatically each on the 15th of each month

Fees are all inclusive, and cover classes, concert, costumes, exam fees etc

If you enrol late, your fee will be pro-rated or you will be invited to attend a make up lesson

Enrolment in Speak Up is ongoing – if you want to withdraw you need to let us know, otherwise we will assume you’ll be back next term

We offer a one month guarantee instead of a trial class, enrol and pay for your first month and if you don’t love it, we will cancel your enrolment with no more to pay


How monthly payments work with school terms

Term 1 – January, February, March

Term 2 – April, May, June

Term 3 – July, August, September

Term 4 – October, November, December


Automatic Payments

When you enrol in Speak Up and make your first payment you give us permission to continue charging monthly until your enrolment is withdrawn

If we are unable to process your payment, you will be charged a dishonour fee of $15


Withdrawing from Weekly Classes

15 days notice is required when withdrawing, otherwise you will be charged for the next month

Be sure to fill in the withdrawal form if you wish to withdraw


Enrolling in Holiday Workshops

Payment for workshops is required at the time of enrolling

Workshop bookings are non-refundable

It may be possible to switch into a similar workshop on a different day if you can’t make it

If we cancel a workshop we will offer you a place in a similar workshop, or provide a refund


Other Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in Speak Up you also agree to the following:

  • Respectful interaction with staff is expected
  • Please collect your kids on time
  • We take photos and videos of our kids in class and on stage, and these photos may be used in marketing materials & on social media. We never share identifying information alongside photographs.
  • You warrant that your child is medically sound to undertake and participate in Speak Up programs. You accept all risks associated with participation in our programs.