Information For Current Speak Up Families

Important Dates for 2023

Term 1

  • Open Day: 16th & 17th January
  • January Workshops: which 16th – 20th January
  • Term 1 Class Dates: Saturday 28th January – Friday 24th March
  • Bring a Friend week Speak Up venues: Saturday 28th January – Friday 3rd February
  • Drama Club Open Week: Saturday 4th February – Friday 10th February
  • Leadership Day: Saturday 11th February
  • Philosophers and Private students Showcase: Friday 17th March and Friday 24th March
  • Parent Watching Week: 18th March – 24th March
  • Dreamers Revue Shows: Saturday 18th March – Friday 24th March
  • Easter Workshops: 3rd – 6th April
  • Born to Perform: (The Munchkins of Oz) 4th – 6th April

Term 2

  • Term 2 Class Dates: Saturday 22rd April – Friday 16th June
  • No classes on 25th April or 1st May for public holidays (Monday and Tuesday classes will run into the final week of term)
  • Showcase: Friday 5th & 12th May
  • Leadership Day: Saturday 6th May
  • Imagination Festival: 17th & 18th June
  • Drama Club performance week: Saturday 10th June – Friday 16th June
  • Exams: 19th – 21st June
  • Winter Workshops: 26th – 30th June
  • Open Day: Spring hill Monday 3rd July & Sherwood Tuesday 4th July at 4pm
  • Born to Perform (The BFG): 3rd – 7th July

Term 3

  • Term 3 Class Dates: Saturday 15th July – Friday 8th September (except Wednesday classes which begin 12th July)
  • Public holidays (no classes): Wednesday 16th August (make up at start of term on 12th July)
  • Pupil free day (classes still on): Friday 1st September
  • Drama Club Open Week: Saturday 15th July – Friday 21st July
  • Leadership day: Saturday 29th July
  • Dreamers Magical Realism Shows: 2nd – 3rd September
  • Concert Reveal Week: Saturday 26th August – Friday 1st September
  • Studio Award: Saturday 2nd September – Friday 8th September
  • Philosophers Showcase: Wednesday 6th September & Friday 8th September
  • Spring Workshops: 18th – 22nd September
  • 3 Day Born to Perform: (PeterPan) 20th – 22nd September
  • Born to Perform: (Step in Time) 25th – 29th September
  • High school Born to Perform: (Forest of Arden) 25th – 29th September

Term 4

  • Term 4 Class Dates: Saturday Saturday 7th October – Friday 1st December
  • Redeemer starts in first week of school
  • Leadership day: Saturday 28th October
  • Halloween Party: Saturday 28th October
  • Dreamers Ensemble shows: 10th & 11th November
  • Annual Concert: 25th – 26th November and 2nd – 3rd December
  • Summer Workshops: 11th – 15th December 2023 and 15th – 19th January 2024
  • Christmas Born to Perform: 13th – 15th December
  • Junior Born to Perform: TBC
  • High school Born to Perform: TBC