Performers Program Information

Students in our Performers classes are committed and passionate about being on stage. They have worked on a number of productions, and are ready for a new challenge. Classes focus on students continuing to grow their stage craft skills while woking on ensemble-based productions. Teachers craft each script for specifically which sets our students up for success and ensures each performer has a meaningful part that works for them.

We believe in fostering confidence and empowering each student to shine in their own unique way. Beyond the stage, this is a space for making lasting friendships, as we celebrate the magic that happens when diverse individuals come together with a shared passion for the arts. Students get a taste of the Dreamers program but perform alongside the Speak Up kids for the rest of the year.

Structure & fees

8 x 90 minute lessons per term

Grade 5 – 7

3 monthly payments of $187 ($561 per term)

Up to 16 students per class



What's included

Performers students perform three times a year!

Term 1 – Revue (performed in class)

Term 2 – Imagination Festival

Term 4 – Annual Concert


Also included in your fees are:

Uniform & drama folder

Costumes, props & resources

What to expect


We believe that strong connections among students and teachers form the foundation for a supportive and enriching learning experience. We take time to foster a positive group dynamic which underpins our incredible performances.


Performers are enthusiastic and highly committed to furthering their speech and drama training. Students will do well in this class if they are ready to take on the challenge of learning and remembering complex scenes, putting in the work at home and relishing the opportunity to be part of a group that relies on them.

Risk Taking

Teachers take the time to get to know their students, and are always on the lookout for opportunities to challenge them or push them gently out of the proverbial nest. Performers embrace a sense of daring and confidence in exploring new dramatic challenges and this mindset and tenacity leads to remarkable performances.

The productions staged by Speak Up are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Each performance is a masterclass in storytelling, seamlessly blending entertainment with invaluable life lessons. The dedication and passion of the young actors are palpable, creating an atmosphere of pure magic for both the performers and the audience. ~ Annie