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Would you like to see your child become the best version of themselves? Speak Up Studio’s expert teachers help kids build confidence, improve communication skills and unleash creativity in a fun, warm, and supportive environment. Speak Up gets kids on stage playfully, joyfully and gently. With the passion, the courage and the skills to speak up, your child can overcome anything.


We hold Speech and Drama classes for kids in Brisbane at over 30 locations. For kids in prep to grade 12.


Join an inviting and inclusive community that is brought together by a love of language, literature, expression and performance.


In our Speech and Drama classes, we let kids be kids, and encourage them to explore who they are now and the person they want to be when they grow up. With the passion, the courage and the skills to speak up, your child can overcome anything.
I need to thank you again for Speak Up, it has been life-changing for me and without it I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Just being able to put your hand up in class and not be afraid to speak up or get it wrong is thrilling!


Zara, grade 4

Our Programs

Drama is powerful, purposeful, and playful.

Rather than giving you a long list of what Speech and Drama will do for your child, we want to tell you why it matters. Hover over the images to read more.
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Whether it’s for a presentation at school, a job interview, or even in their future relationships, being able to effectively communicate is essential for success. Knowing what you want to say and being able to say it are really different. We help kids refine both.

Communicate Clearly

Collaboration. Listening. Compromise. Whether they’re the quiet kid who hangs back, or the bold kid who loves to be heard, Speak Up gives kids the tools to work and communicate effectively with others. Speech and Drama has all the benefits of a team sport... but with more rhyming.

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Understanding things from someone else’s point of view is the first step to a more equal world. In Drama, we examine fictional characters, learn to articulate emotions, understand intentions, and observe different ways of viewing the world.

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Reading for the joy of it and gobbling up poems and stories is something Speak Up kids relish. Literature has the power to educate, to inspire and inform. Our students are encouraged to figure out what they like, and are taught to think critically.

A Love Of Language
We knew we’d made the right choice getting our daughter involved in Speak Up classes when her teacher commented that she’d changed from a person who never spoke in class to one who would now put up her hand to answer questions. Our anxious child has blossomed under their guidance.


Corinna, mum

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