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Would you like to see your child become the best version of themselves? Speak Up Studio’s expert teachers help kids build confidence, improve communication skills and unleash creativity in a fun, warm, and supportive environment. Speak Up gets kids on stage playfully, joyfully and gently. With the passion, the courage and the skills to speak up, your child can overcome anything.

The Rosie Theatre

We’ve always dreamed of having our own theatre and in 2021 our dreams came true when we found the perfect building and set about renovating it! The Rosie Theatre is complete with air conditioning, lights, and a big red velvety curtain. When our students aren’t on stage, The Rosie Theatre is available for community hire.

Speak Up Open Week

If you’ve been thinking about Speech and Drama for your child, then now is the time to register for our Open Day in Term 3. This event will be running at our Speak Up schools and our studios in Spring Hill, Red Hill and Sherwood in the second week of the term (Saturday 13th – Friday 19th July).

Drama Classes For Brisbane Kids

We offer speech and drama, acting & musical theatre classes for students in prep – grade 12 at more than 30 locations in Brisbane.  When you join Speak Up, you become part of inclusive community that is brought together by a love of language, literature, expression and performance.
Speak Up Drama Class

Weekly Classes

Holiday Workshops

Open Day

Drama is powerful, purposeful, and playful.


We let kids be kids, and encourage them to explore who they are now, and the person they want to be when they grow up. With the passion, the courage and the skills to speak up, our kids can overcome anything.



Confidence is that special feeling of trust that exists deep inside. Trust in yourself, your abilities, and that pride that comes from being unapologetically yourself. We nurture and cultivate this feeling in our students by celebrating who they are and fostering an environment where they can express themselves boldly and take risks safely.


We live in a world that values effective communication. Whether it’s for a presentation at school, a job interview, or even in their future relationships, being able to effectively communicate is essential for success. The ability to convey ideas with charisma and clarity is crucial in all aspects of life.  Knowing what you want to say and being able to say it are really different. We help kids refine both. We teach students to articulate their thoughts, express their emotions, be persuasive and think on their feet.


Drama helps bring the natural creativity and playfulness within all of us to the surface. In today’s world of technology and devices, practising creative and critical thinking is more important than ever.  We help kids think outside the box, using engaging, imaginative (and of course dramatic!) activities to nurture our students’ social and emotional development.



Clear speech, articulation, and projection aren’t just for the stage — they’re crucial in daily life. At Speak Up we help kids master these skills so their voice can be heard and they are understood, making a positive impact in various aspects of their lives.


In drama we learn how to embody characters and tell captivating stories. From improvisation to emotional expression, our drama skills enhance not only the theatrical experience but also foster creativity, empathy, and effective communication in daily life.


Reading for the joy of it and gobbling up poems and stories is something Speak Up kids relish. Literature has the power to educate, to inspire and inform. Our students are encouraged to figure out what they like, and are taught to think critically.



While we are teaching our students to develop their performance and communication skills through positive experiences, we are simultaneously helping to shape them into confident, empathetic and open minded individuals. We pride ourselves on offering a welcoming, inclusive and safe space for young people where they can grow into confident adults.

Team Work

Collaboration. Listening. Compromise. Whether they’re the quiet kid who hangs back, or the bold kid who loves to be heard, Speak Up gives kids the tools to work and communicate effectively with others. Speech and Drama has all the benefits of a team sport… but with more rhyming.


Understanding things from someone else’s point of view is the first step to a more equal world. In Drama, we examine fictional characters, learn to articulate emotions, understand intentions, and observe different ways of viewing the world.

The Imagination Curriculum

Speak Up’s programs are connected by our Imagination Curriculum which provides a sequential weekly drama education with regular opportunities to perform on stage. Each program is carefully structured around childrens’ social, emotional and developmental needs to ensure our students feel safe and happy but also challenged and excited for the next step.


Through positive experiences with literature, poetry and musical theatre our students develop insightful and meaningful perspectives to navigate their world. You will be amazed to sit back and see your child’s growth and learning on stage at the end of every year!


From a quick holiday workshop right through to our Ensemble Program, Speak Up focuses on inspiring and challenging the next generation of performers.