Showcase Program Information

Your child can participate in an additional Showcase class each week before or after their regular group class. Showcase classes are conducted in small groups, usually two or three students and allow for individualised learning in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Showcase students work one on one with their teacher in lessons designed around your child’s unique interests and abilities. This class is for students who absolutely love speech and drama and who wish to build upon their public speaking and performing skills.

The format of this class fast tracks the development of your child’s confidence and builds on stage skills like projection, articulation and text interpretation in depth.

Structure & fees

8 x 30 minute lessons per term (in addition to your child’s regular group class)

Grade 3 – 6

3 monthly payments of $99 ($297 per term)

3 students per class

What's included

Showcase students perform in class twice a year

Term 1 – Showcase

Term 2 – Imagination Festival

Term 4 – Annual Concert

Also included in your fees are:

Three special performances each year

Uniform & folder

Costumes, props & resources

Individual class content tailored to each child’s interests & abilities

What to expect


We believe that strong connections among students and teachers form the foundation for a supportive and enriching learning experience. Our students forge lasting bonds that go beyond the stage and often remain with the same teacher from grade 3 to grade 12.


A private stage for individual interests and talents to shine, providing a unique class experience outside of the group dynamic.


Students in the showcase program are enthusiastic and highly committed to furthering their speech and drama training. The Showcase class not only builds performance skills, it also teaches kids professionalism, independence and focus.

As a parent, I have had the immense pleasure of witnessing the remarkable impact this group has had on my child’s life. The talented and dedicated team of instructors have not only nurtured my daughter’s budding creativity but also instilled in her a sense of confidence and self-expression that will undoubtedly shape her future. ~ Annie