Drama Club Program Information

In Drama Club, you’ll find kids with spark, spirit, and a passion for performing, as well as a team of talented and fun filled teachers who know how to bring out the best in every child. We involve the students in all aspects of putting on a show – from creating characters, to choreography to costumes – if kids can imagine it, we’ll help them bring it to life on stage.

In term one and three we delve into the fundamentals of drama and improvisation and develop skills in stage craft. In term two and four we start with a theme and a collection of poems, songs and stories to create a unique and delightful performance. No two drama club shows are ever the same and they burst with energy, silliness and joy!

Structure & fees


8 x 45 minute lessons per term

Prep – grade 2

3 monthly payments of $88 ($264 per term)

Up to 15 students per class


8 x 45 minute lessons per term

Grade 3 – 6

3 monthly payments of $88 ($264 per term)

Up to 15 students per class

What's included

Drama Club students perform in class twice a year

Term 2 and term 4

Also included in your fees are:

Costumes, props & craft resources

Access to the Showcase extension program

What to expect


We believe that learning is most effective when it’s enjoyable, and we strive to create an atmosphere where laughter and excitement are integral parts of the learning process. Kids will play, laugh, and imagine their way through each lesson. 


Collaboration is at the heart of our program because we know the key to each performer’s growth and success on stage starts with the freedom to make creative choices in the rehearsal room. Drama Club kids are proud of their show, and take to the stage with a sense of ownership.


We are dedicated to instilling a passion for drama in every child, fostering a sense of excitement that extends beyond the stage. We take pride in nurturing a vibrant classroom where students are encouraged to approach every rehearsal, every scene, and every performance with a spirit of genuine enthusiasm.

Class Locations

Aiden is always reluctant to try new things and isn’t the most outgoing person, but he loves drama! We’ve tried a few activities and have finally find the one for him and your amazing teachers are absolutely a part of why he happily returns every week and has a good time every lesson. ~ Yvette