Bullying. No Way!

Bullying. No Way!

Bullying. No Way!

words by Madeline Fairley

Friday the 20th March 2015 marked the fifth National day against Bullying and Violence. This year more than 890,000 were involved in community events and school awareness campaigns for the day. Each year, The National Day Against Bullying provides students and teachers a focus to say no to bullying in their schools and wider community, and work together to make sure that this message is carried through the entire year.

Bullying, particularly in school students, is a prevalent issue throughout the world, and Australia is no exception. A recent survey from the The Movement Against Bullying website found that roughly 1 in 4 students from primary school to high school have experienced bullying. Bullying can be appear in many different ways and, according to The Movement Against Bullying’s recent research, a kids self-esteem is a core important to tackling the issue of bullying.

One of Speak Up Studio’s main focus with our students, and classes is to build confidence and self esteem. Speech and drama classes provide a safe environment for all our students to develop communication and confidence, that can extend into any situation. These skills become a life lesson for our students which are an important part of success in a high school career and adulthood.

Tips for Kids who are being bullied in school!

1.Ask For help – Students should always be aware of the support available to them, both in schooling and outside the school grounds.

2.Speak Up for inclusion – everyone needs to understand that being left out is one of the most common forms of  bullying and that it’s important to make everyone feel included – not just our friends. In Speak Up classes, children are encouraged to work with new friends, and are rewarded for good team work.

3.Sticks and Stones – Teaching students to communicate appropriately ensure they can express their feelings and do not need to using harmful words against others. We also need to educate students so that they understand that name calling is another form of bullying and is unacceptable.

4.Setting Boundaries – Children should know how to set clear boundaries around what they feel is OK

5.Confident Kids – children who are able to show their confidence are more likely to be able to stand up for themselves, rather than believing the hurtful things that bullies say.

The Child development institution also suggest five simple steps to extending the fight against bullying into the home environment.

  1. Talk to your child and communicate openly;
  2. Provide reassurance and self esteem boosts when necessary;
  3. Encourage your children to support one another and their friends;
  4. Seek professional help if it is needed and;
  5. Make sure to take care of yourself as a parent.

In term two Speak Up Studio will be offering Teen Confidence Classes for any students in the Brisbane region who wish to learn how to tackle these issues and others in school. Visit www.speakupstudio.com.au for more details or email info@speakupstudio.com.au

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