Games for parents when you’re too tired to play

games to play with tired kids

Games for parents when you’re too tired to play

We know what it can be like at the end of the day. You have just got the kids home after a busy day and they are starting to lose it. They are sad, cranky and complaining that they’re bored. This is often the time of day that they are desperate to connect and have a little time with you, but also when you might be most tired! Sometimes teachers have the best ideas when it comes to cracking the bad moods and having some fun. These are some great ideas for how to connect with your child after school.


If your child will sit with you for a story this is a fun way to make them giggle. The word “spoonerism” comes from the Oxford don and ordained minister William Archibald Spooner who would unintentionally mix up the sounds in his words. We can use spoonerisms on purpose by switching consonants, vowels, or morphemes between two words in a phrase. Perhaps the story of “The Beeping Sleupy” or “Parry Hotter” would appeal. This can also be a good activity to try when your child is distracted while reading – spoonerise occasional words and see if they notice!

Dress Up

You don’t even need real costumes for this. Open the wardrobe in your child’s room and start putting on clothing in unusual and comical ways. Think up a character as you go and start playing the part. This is bound to cheer up your child and spark their creativity too.

Make me laugh game

This game is so easy that it can even be played lying down! “I bet you can’t make me laugh” you say. Try keeping a straight face while your kids try to make you laugh.

Games for parents when you are too tired to play
The Toy Story Game

Miss Jess and Miss Katie have used this game in class and it is a great one parents can use while sitting on the couch or when busy cooking or doing jobs around the house. The idea is that the kids are toys (let them tell you which toy they want to be) and like in the movie Toy Story, can only move when you are not looking. Set them a challenge to see if they can get from one room to another, or better still unpack their school bag, while you aren’t looking. Have fun!