Harnessing the Power of Imagination Through Drama

Harnessing the Power of Imagination Through Drama

The most important thing we’ve learned,
So far as children are concerned,
Is that it’s always, always best
To let them learn through fun and jest
Or better still, to learn through play
Imagining the day away.

But something changes when we get old
Our imaginations seem to grow mould
We plan and stress and rush about
And worry ’til our brains fall out

Oh yes, we know, it’s part of life
To be grown up, stay out of strife
We have to sit still, we have to be serious
And clever and thoughtful and wise and imperious
(And wash the dishes in the sink)

But did you ever stop to think
To wonder just exactly where
Our imagination goes? Do we know? Do we care?
The fact is, we use it every day
When we plan a getaway
Or solve a problem, or help a mate
Or join into a BBQ debate
Imagination isn’t just playing games
It’s solving problems and using our brains.

There’s more to imagination than make believe! In this video, Speak Up Speech and Drama students and teachers ask, “what is imagination?” and discuss the importance of using our imagination and how it can help us in school and in later life.