Speak Up High: helping kids transition to high school

helping kids transition into high school

Speak Up High: helping kids transition to high school

Every year at Speak Up we say solemn goodbyes to talented kids as they make the transition to high school. Many leave us to try new extracurriculars or for fear of overcommitment. And as they walk out of the studio doors they share those familiar feelings with us. Feelings of anxiety or worry about the massive transition to high school they’re about to make. There must be something we can do in helping kids transition to high school and make this change more seamless?

So let’s chat, why should your teenager remain with Speak Up when they move to High School? Well I have a few thoughts. 

1. Lots of things are changing, let’s keep something familiar! 

One thing I can remember about my own transition to high school is that all my favourite hobbies seemed to change overnight. I couldn’t just play junior touch football on a Wednesday, instead I had to trial for a women’s team or the competitive school team. But I played for the fun and energy release, not to travel to competitions, or listen to the grown women in my team chat Tupperware at half-time. Suddenly my favourite extra-curricular was ruined. 

The thing about Speak Up is it is consistent and non-competitive. There are no trials, no restrictions, just Drama (the good kind). In our high school program, Dreamers, your child does make the team, every time, and their role is as equal and vital as every classmate next to them. Keeping something familiar will help them adjust to their new world.

2. Drama is a life skill that will benefit your child’s learning

Whether your child is striving to be an actor or a mathlete, the life skills they gain from Dreamers will assist them all the way. Skills in creative problem solving, public speaking and collaborating with others, will all be carried from their drama classes into their school work and everyday life. Not to mention the massive leg-up they’ll get when their Shakespearean English unit rolls around. 

And don’t even get me started on what our private lessons can provide our senior students. Bring that leadership speech, that history presentation, that poetry project along to class and their Speak Up teacher will share plenty of beneficial feedback to help them excel (just don’t ask for help with math homework!)

3. Literally, just chill out! 

We call our high school drama students Dreamers. Dreamers aren’t perfect, they improvise, they make mistakes. They are kind, outrageous, and hilarious! For many of our oldest Speak Up students, their Dreamers classroom is where they most feel they belong. We know that teenagers are busy, a little stressed and sometimes a bit anxious, so we take the pressure off in Dreamers. We make sure they’re always succeeding, stepping up to the next bigger and better thing, but without the intense pressure of competition or chance of failure. Teenagers need a break sometimes, a place to be their authentic selves and do the thing they love with others who love it to. Dreamers can be your teenager’s place as they make that high school transition and beyond. We’ll keep them safe. 

~ Miss Grace

Want to know more about Speak Up Studio’s high school program? Visit www.dreamersdrama.com.au