For Speak Up kids who live to


For kids who can’t get enough

Some kids are happy with one class a week, others wish they had drama every day.

For these kids, there’s the Extension Program.

If your child has been enrolled in Speak Up group classes and is absolutely loving it, then our choosing an Extension class is the next step in your child’s Speech and Drama journey.

This program offers these kids extra support as they are challenged and inspired at the next level. Students connect more with their peers in smaller classes and longer lessons. We offer them more individualised learning and exciting new opportunities and performances. 

Year At A Glance

Our Performers Program follows a similar structure to our group classes but with more involvement at events and performances. 
Showcase Evenings
Term 1


At the end of term 1 we have a gorgeous showcase for our Extension program students. These are held in our beautiful theatre space in Spring Hill. They are relaxed, joyful events.

Imagination Festival
Term 2


Showcase and Philosophers students have the opportunity to enter pieces into different sections in the Festival. More stage time equals more practise and accelerated improvement. Masterclass students will prepare an exam program.

Annual Concert
Term 4


At our end of year concert, Extension students are more involved, with more time on stage and special parts in the show. As members of the main cast they will attend extra rehearsals and have the chance to be part of a full length production.

Speak Up is a place where our daughter is loved and valued and is made to feel accepted for exactly who she is. A very professional business with staff members who are genuinely passionate about the arts industry. We feel blessed to be a part of the Speak Up community.


Sarah, mum

Are you keen to join?

Extension Program classes are built around students who are ready to step up. You can’t just sign up to a class in the parent portal. We like to get to know your child (either through our group classes or holiday workshops) so we know who they are, what their goals are, and how to bring out the best in them.
We’ll recommend the format that’s best for your child.
When creating a class, we focus on personalities, connecting kids and teachers who’ll click. We also work with families to schedule classes at a time that suits.


$99/ month
30 minute lessons
Grade 3 – 6
Groups of 3
Students must also be enrolled in a group class


$99/ month
60 minute lessons
Grade 6 – 12
Groups of 6
Students must also be enrolled in a group class


Philosophers Program
$176/ month
90 minute lessons
Grade 3 – 7
Groups of 5
Students do not need to be enrolled in a group class
Thanks very much for the email about Zara’s exam. We were quite amazed at the comments from the examiner. Thank you for your energy and input in helping her feel confident and “glow”.


Jodie, mum