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Inclusive School Holiday Workshops


Speak Up Studio’s school holiday workshops are where creative kids come to make friends, have fun and express themselves. Our school holiday program focusses on developing self-confidence, communication skills and creativity through drama, musical theatre, acting, craft and sometimes even science.


Speak Up school holiday workshops are split into three levels based on age, complexity and length. Choose a day of workshops or mix and match throughout the week. Some students even come every day. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your kids entertained or want to see what Speak Studio is all about, we’ve got you covered.
Unsure of which workshop to choose? Give us a call on 07 3367 8572 if you would like a recommendation!

Prep – Grade 4

Designed for maximum energy, creativity and fun for the littlest learners in our studio. Short and Sweet workshops are just that – age appropriate, short workshops to capture little ones’ imaginations.

A Play in a Day
Grade 3 – 8

A Play in a Day… no way!? In this workshop students develop advanced skills and techniques as they bring a show to life in just one day. Students will leave inspired, confident and proud. 

Grade 3 – 12

Our production extravaganza! Workshop and perform a full-length play or musical in an incredible week-long journey for committed students. Where talent and passion blossom!

Why kids come back again and again


Make Friends


Learn A New Skill


Express Themselves


Get Crafty


Dress Up

Speak Up Studio’s Short and Sweet workshops are fun, engaging and finish with an exciting outcome, usually a performance, photoshoot or a fancy craft to take home.


Short and Sweet workshops are designed for primary school students in prep to grade four. Grade five and six students are welcome, but content will be somewhat easy for them. For older children, we recommend our Play in a Day or Born to Perform Workshops.


Short and Sweet workshops run from 9am to 12pm and 12.30pm to 3.30pm each day. Student who book into both morning and afternoon sessions will be supervised between 12pm and 12.30pm.

Short and Sweet workshops are $55 each. Book for the week and save $100.


This fun-filled Christmas craft and musical theatre workshop will sleigh! Make a set of reindeer antlers, and ears then join Santa to learn a jolly Christmas song.

Monday 13th December 9am - 12pm

Grinchy Puppets Green

He's as cuddly as a cactus and as charming as an eel. Create your own grouchy puppet, then learn to sing and dance to a Grinchy song!

Tuesday 14th December 9am - 12pm


It's getting chilly these school holidays! Make your own adorable sock snowman craft, and sing and dance with Frosty the Snowman.

Wednesday 15th December 9am - 12pm

Tiny Christmas Tree Green

Your presents is requested in this craft and musical theatre workshop! Make colourful Christmas decorations and learn to sing and dance to some rockin’ carols.

Thursday 16th December 9am - 12pm


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Make your own snow globe then learn songs about a white and snowy Christmas.

Friday 17th December 9am - 12pm

Bauble Dioramas

Colourful Christmas decorations are a must! Design your own bauble with mini Christmas scene inside. Then, learn a song and dance to perform at the end.

Monday 13th December 12.30pm - 3.30pm


Delectable and delicious! Instead of roof tiles there are gummy bears. Instead of plaster walls there is gingerbread. All these mouth watering pieces will make one scrumptious house.

Tuesday 14th December 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Penguin Puppets Red

Rug up with a cozy scarf as you create a Christmassy penguin puppet. Then waddle your way through your own puppet show.

Wednesday 15th December 12.30pm - 3.30pm


Celebrate Christmas Hogwarts style! Build a Christmas cracker. Then learn performing skills to make even the worst joke sound hilarious.

Thursday 16 December 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Santa Sacks Red

On Christmas Eve... you'll be awaiting the arrival of a special guest... Personalise your Santa sack so Santa knows where to leave your gifts.

Friday 17th December 12.30pm - 3.30pm


Create a sparkling crown, then learn to sing and dance to the hits from Frozen! You're going to love this workshop, so make sure you ask your parents to Let You Go!

Monday 10th January 9am - 12pm


Look for the bare necessities...Create a miniature jungle in a jar and learn about the water cycle. Then get groovy and sing and dance to your favourite songs from The Jungle Book.

Tuesday 11th January 9am - 12pm


He slimed me! Who ya gonna call? Join the Ghostbusters and make ghostly puppets and rock out to the classic ghostbusters song.

Wednesday 12th January 9am - 12pm


Create a purrrrfect pair of customised ears, then pounce on stage to learn to sing and dance to a mashup of cat themed songs from movies and musicals.

Thursday 13th January 9am - 12pm


Are you a curious kid? Join the Mad Hatter's tea party and craft your own extraordinary hat. Perform a song and dance at the end.

Friday 14th January 9am - 12pm


Come and catch em at the Speak Up Pokemon Gym! Invent your own set of Pokemon Cards. Put them to the test in a dramatic Pokemon Card Tournament.

Monday 10th January 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Terrarium (2)

Are you super cool? Come to Superhero School and learn how to enhance your powers. Design your own hero logo and a mask to hide your true identity.

Tuesday 11th January 12.30pm - 3.30pm


Swish and flick! Learn the art of wand making. Then step into the charms classroom, where you will invent magic spells and cast them on your classmates.

Wednesday 12th January 12.30pm - 3.30pm


Young Padawans, join us for this intergalactic craft and drama workshop. Build your own lightsaber before training in fight choreography and poetry.

Thursday 13th January 12.30pm - 3.30pm


Today you'll be ``making`` a crafty new friend. We'll transform common household items into interesting characters! Followed by Toy Story inspired drama games.

Friday 14th January 12.30pm - 3.30pm

My daughter and her friend have done at least one workshop together every school holidays for the past couple of years. They just love it. Especially the musical ones.


– Catherine K, Mum
A Play in a Day

We can’t tell you what will happen in this workshop because, well, it hasn’t happened yet. It’s a play that comes together in a single day. We begin with a theme and some games to get our creativity flowing. From there, our performance evolves as we create characters, write the script, pick music and create costumes and props. You won’t just take to the stage, you’ll have a say in the creative and artistic direction of the day.


These workshops are students in grade three to grade 8. For younger children, we recommend our Short and Sweet Program.


A Play In A Day workshops are $110 each and run from 9am – 3.30pm. Students will have morning tea and lunch breaks during the workshops and will be supervised at all times. Book in for the week and save $100.



The theme is ``A Very Aussie Christmas`` and we'll start with words like swelter, pavlova and debacle.

Monday 13th December 9am - 3.30pm

Grade 3 - 8
Northpole Nonsense Green

The theme is ``North Pole`` and we'll start with words like penguin, blizzard and chaos.

Tuesday 14th December 9am - 3.30pm

Grade 3 - 8
Born to Perform Website graphics

This workshop is a three day Born to Perform production. Join all the Whos in Whoville for some magic, carols and a little bit of Grinch-iness.

15th - 17th December 9am - 3.30pm

Grade 2 - 7
A Play in a Day Workshop Photos

The theme is ``Frazzled Fairy Tales`` and we'll start with words like, nonsense, rebellion and rescue.

Monday 10th January 9am - 3.30pm

Grade 3 - 8

The theme is ``Class Clown`` and we’ll start with words like wit, naughty and hilarious.

Tuesday 11th January 9am - 3.30pm

Grade 3 - 8

The theme is ``Case File`` and we'll start with words like, espionage, mission and danger.

Wednesday 12th January 9am - 3.30pm

Grade 3 - 8

The theme is ``Magic and Misfortune`` and we'll start with words like, wizard, cauldron and wand.

Thursday 13th January 9am - 3.30pm

Grade 3 - 8

The theme is ``Colourful Chaos`` and we'll start with words like rainbow, catastrophe and kaleidoscope.

Friday 14th January 9am - 3.30pm

Grade 3 - 8
It was great giving my child an opportunity to do something new, that is hard to find time to do in term time. I really liked the musical theatre combo – it really stretches and inspires.
– Dana Paterson

Frequently Asked Questions


If you’d like to chat with us about your child or would like a specific recommendation, please give the studio a call on 07 3367 8562.
How much do workshops cost?

Short and Sweet workshops run for three hours and cost $55 each. Students are welcome to attend individual workshops, or book in for a full day.

A Play in a Day workshops run for six hours and cost $110 each. 

All bookings can be made via the parent portal. Credit Card payment is required at time of booking.

Where are workshops held?

Short and Sweet workshops and A Play in a Day are held at 110 Windsor Road, Red Hill AND 641 Sherwood Road, Sherwood. The same timetable runs at both studios. 

Is before and after care available?

Yes! Supervision is available between 8am and 9am ($10) and 3.30pm and 5pm ($10). Book online when you enrol or just turn on the day. We have quiet activities, colouring, board games and sometimes a movie in the afternoon. 

What's the deal with food?

Supervised snack breaks are held at 10.30am, 12pm and 2.00pm. Please send your child along with plenty of healthy food for the day. We would appreciate if you could avoid packing nuts. Our lovely neighbour, Gramps also offers a tuck shop style menu which you can order on the day.

Can parents stay and watch?

We prefer if parents do not stay to watch the workshops as your presence can be a little distracting for our students and teachers. We would love to welcome you to watch the performance at the end of certain workshops, and we promise to share lots of photos and videos at the end of the week. Thanks for understanding.

What do we bring and wear?

Students should wear comfortable clothes. Dressing up is encouraged! Please send your child with snacks and a water bottle so we can ensure they stay hydrated throughout the day.

Are you thinking about coming all week?


We’d love to have you and we invite you to take advantage of our discounted weekly rate of $450 for 5 days of workshops (saving $100). Just select all 10 Short & Sweet workshops or all 5 Play In A Day Workshops and the discount will be automatically applied at the checkout!

Where to next?

If you’re ready to enrol in holiday workshops then click enrol to go to our parent portal. If you think your child is ready for one of our week long productions, then click the purple button.