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The Imagination  Curriculum

Speak Up Studio’s Imagination Curriculum ensures that a student can start their Speech and Drama story with us when they are three years old, and progress seamlessly through our programs until the end of grade 12! New content, challenges and performing opportunities are provided throughout the curriculum, with each program responding carefully to each student’s age, stage, reading level, social skills and school work, to provide support from show and tell in prep to persuasive speaking in grade nine.

Beyond this, we encourage students wishing to continue their speech and drama education to apply for our Teacher Training program, and become Speech and Drama teachers themselves!

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Speak Up Studio Imagination Curriculum

What is Speech and Drama?

Speech and Drama classes are made up of a range of drama and voice-related activities designed to improve self-confidence, communication skills and presentation skills. Speech and Drama classes incorporate poetry and prose to engage and inspire students and to foster a love of reading and literature. Students will have the opportunity to take part in performances as part of a carefully planned program of activities, delivered in a supportive and  friendly learning environment.

Speech and Drama classes and workshops include vocal activities, drama games and exercises as well as a piece of poetry or prose.

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The Speech activities focus on on the way we speak:

    • Posture and breathing
    • Articulation and diction
    • Volume and projection
    • Vocal tone and resonance
    • Spelling and phonetics
    • Accents
    • Public speaking and debating
    • Remediating common speech faults such as lisp.
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Drama activities focus on how we present ourselves:

    • Mime and movement
    • Improvisation
    • Gesture and body language
    • Focus and concentration
    • Characterisation and acting
    • Storytelling
    • Play-building
    • Team work
    • Musical theatre

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