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Grow Up at Speak Up

At Speak Up Studio, we are a part of your child’s journey as they grow up into the person they want to be. From their first day of prep (with their overly-large backpack!) to their last day of year 12 and beyond, speech and drama will be their ally, their secret weapon, and their second home. Our students stick with us for years and years because with each year and each performance they can see, hear, and feel the incredible progress they’ve made.

And we love nothing more than watching the once wild or super-shy 4-year-old Explorer develop into a unique, expressive, empathetic teenager who is ready to face the world head on. If this sounds like the place you can see your kid growing up, then read on to find the program and class for you.

Our family loves being a part of the Speak Up Studio community. The confidence speech and drama classes unleashes in our daughter is wonderful to see. She returns from her classes in the happiest of moods and loves the holiday workshops and performance opportunities. Thank you Speak Up Team!


Catherine, mum