Dreamers Drama (grade 7 – 12)

acting classes for high school kids

Dreamers is group theatre and acting classes for teens in grades 7 to 12

dreamers are part of the show that never ends

  • each term we pick a new genre
  • each class gets a play to work on
  • we rehearse for eight weeks, then perform on stage

this is what dreamers are working on in 2020

  • Term 1 – Character Comedy (performing on 28th March)
  • Term 2 – Devised Drama (performing on 27th June)
  • Term 3 – Tragedy (performing on 5th September)
  • Term 4 – Musical Theatre (performing on 5th December)

are you ready to enrol

  • dreamers costs $360 per term
  • paid in three instalments of $120
  • when you enrol you are committing to an entire term and performance
  • re-enrolment each term and each year is automatic
  • classes start in week 2 of each term
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