Ten Tips for Public Speaking

Ten Tips for Public Speaking

Ten Tips for Public Speaking

1. Know your Material – Speak about something you know, something that interests you. And make sure you now more about it then what you have written in your speech!

2. Know the room – try to arrive early and have a practice in the room where you will be performing. That way you will be used to what you are doing.

3. Bring Energy to the room! Try and be as energetic as possible and keep it up the whole time you are speaking. This will keep the audience interested.

4. Ask Questions – don’t be afraid to ask questions in your speech, it will give the audience something to really think about.

5. Stand Tall! When you are speaking, make sure you stand up straight with your feet slightly apart and planted firm on the floor.

6. Use Gestures – try to use hand gestures to reaffirm what you are saying in your speech.

7. Speak Up! Use a loud, clear voice when speaking so everyone can understand everything you are saying.

8. Be prepared! Have your speech and any visuals you are using ready well in advance to practice early for your speech.

9. Relax and Be yourself! Don’t stress, and stay calm on stage.

10. Practice, Practice, Practice! Practice in front of mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, brother, cat, dog, mirror…anyone that you can practice in front of!

words by Madeline Fairley