We are reading ALOUD for Loud Shirt Day

We are reading ALOUD for Loud Shirt Day

For the second year running, Speak Up Studio is holding a Read-a-LOUD-athon in support of Hear and Say‘s LOUD Shirt Day held on 19 October 2018. Our aim is to raise additional money to help deaf and hearing impaired children learn to listen and speak.

Hear and Say is a not-for-profit organisation with five centres around Queensland. Its aim is to enable children to attend a regular school, have wider career choices and be able to more fully participate in their community. Hear and Say must raise more than $10,000 each year, for up to five years, to teach ONE child with hearing loss to hear, listen and speak.

In our Speech and Drama classes this week, teachers will be handing out a fundraising booklet including poems to read aloud, mouth exercises and a form to collect sponsorship donations. Students will collect donations based on the number of minutes they read aloud over the next three weeks.

We are hoping to raise over $1000 for this amazing cause by the 7th September.

You can either sponsor one of our students in the Read-a-LOUD-athon or donate directly to Hear and Say here.

Click here to find out more about Loud Shirt Day.