Confidence. Creativity. Communication.

We are dedicated to creating exciting and engaging drama programs that encourage children to be positive about speaking up. Our program is not competitive, and is not designed to produce broadway superstars. Instead we aim to develop a love of reading and literature, to teach vocal skills that enable good communication, and to develop confidence. We partner with schools who believe in the power of drama and who can help us share our programs with all children.

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Easter Craft Holiday Fun!

Try out some of these crafty ideas over the holidays to keep kids busy before Easter! Easter Bunny Ears What you need: pink cardboard cardboard box pink and white pom poms Crafter’s Choice craft glue scissors Activity: Cut an 8cm x 65cm strip from the cardboard. Cut two rabbit ear-shaped pieces from both the cardboard and the cardboard box. Glue the pink cardboard ears cut
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Write your own Limerick!

Need some fun over the holidays? Try writing your own Limerick at home using our limerick worksheet… Download your copy here write your own limerick

Holiday Boredom Busters!

Here are some great tips for keeping kids busy these holidays!   Get Creative! Get Creative and write a story! But not just any old story, maybe write a story about you, or rewrite a classic with a new end. And don’t stop there! Create and draw the characters for your story. Maybe draw a storyboard, and make some costumes for character! Then when
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