Confidence. Communication. Creativity.

Speak Up Studio creates exciting and engaging drama programs that build confidence and encourage children to be positive about speaking up. Our programs give children the opportunity to make friends, dress up in costumes, develop a love of reading and literature and extend their performance technique in a supportive, non-competitive environment. Through participation in our programs, students will develop confidence, creativity and communication skills that will help them in school and stay with them for life! More about our studio

All of the students seem to be loving this term and we are looking forward to some great performances at upcoming assemblies and parent watching week!

What Students Love About Speak Up Studio


Key Sight Words vs. Invented Spelling

There is a great pressure it today's classrooms for children in Kindergarten to be able to learn how to spell, read and write correctly before even entering the school grounds! To be able to have a head-start in understanding the complex language of English and to be better equipped for school is every parent's dream for their child. Unfortunately, it is common in today's society to have late bloomers in this particular area of language and learning.

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Musical Production: Beauty and the Beast!

Based on the ever-enchanting "Beauty and the Beast" story, we will be hosting a semester long musical for students to be a part of! We would like to invite your child to be a part of this wonderful opportunity, to learn more about musical theatre and develop their confidence performing on stage! We encourage children of all experience levels to join us for our upcoming musical production!

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Mid-Year Production: The Witches!

In the first week of the June holiday workshops of 2017, Speak Up Studio will be hosting a mid-year production of "The Witches"! This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about the whole experience of being involved in a large production and develop their confidence performing on stage!

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